'Agents of SHIELD' Recap With Spoilers: "All the Comforts of Home"

The episode opens in Ruby’s room. Ruby is the daughter of General Hale, the woman in charge of Blue Raven base who killed two of her subordinates. There’s a “Quake Is My Hero” poster on Ruby’s wall. She and Hale have a tense mother-daughter conversation. Ruby asks if Hale is sure she’s a good guy – after all, SHIELD was the good guys up until Hale started trying to stop them. Quake, in particular, is a sticking point, but Hale has been assigned to capture her. Hale says she “does what she must to build a better world for the downtrodden citizens.” She says when she finds SHIELD, this entire SHIELD chapter will be over.

The SHIELD team reemerges in their own time after going through the monolith. It turns out the entire team made it. They are still in the Lighthouse, but it's the Lighthouse before the Kree’s arrival the destruction of Earth. They’re greeted by a recorded video message from Rick Stoner, who explains SHIELD’s Project Reclamation, a protocol in place for a world-ending disaster. Its a black ops operation coordinated using the advanced technology known as “electronic mail” to bring together elite agents from around the globe. It was originally designed to deal with a hydrogen wave crisis in the 1970s that never materialized. However, there was nothing about it in Nick Fury’s black box.

Most of the team takes Mack aside to treat his wounds. Daisy finally wakes up after being ICEd by Coulson. Coulson makes it clear that he would never have left Daisy behind under any circumstances.

May and Fitz examine the many crates of supplies in storage. They discover three Kree monoliths in storage, including the one that was used for time travel. Noah, another chronicon like Enoch, reveals himself. The monoliths were placed in the Lighthouse bunker for safekeeping. Only the SHIELD team knows about the bunker’s existence. Noah explains that members of his kind monitor the timeline but do not interfere unless there’s an extinction-level event. One of the monitor screens shows a light from the sky like the one Voss warned them about.

Noah explains the light has been appearing intermittently for weeks. They believe its aliens trying to make contact. The team decides to go make contact in St. Louis, but Daisy is going to stay behind.

The team takes secret underground tunnels from the Lighthouse to the town of River’s End. They find a VW van to “borrow.”

Daisy sets up an alert on Noah’s computer to let her know if anything happens to the team in the nearby town. In doing so, she discovers that the SHIELD team has been put on the most wanted list, and law enforcement has the team’s photos on hand and could recognize their faces.

The team is stopped by an officer who recognizes the van they took, but he just makes friendly conversation.

Deke emerges in the middle of River’s End. he’s startled but takes in his surroundings and then enters a bar. He orders a “real beer.” He’s put off by the taste, so the bartender gives him a Zima instead. Deke keeps drinking Zimas, playing arcade games, plays darts, watches TV, and eats a burger and onion rings. A problem arises when it comes time to pay. He tries to run, but he’s drunk enough to run into a pool table instead.

The SHIELD team makes it to the cloaked Zephyr One and they take off. Fitz and Simmons discover that the light is coming from an aerospace lab, and that it's going up, not coming down. Examining the frequency they discover its the beacon that Hive used to bring the Kree to Earth.

Mack and Yo-Yo find time to talk about what happened in with the future Yo-Yo. Mack tells Yo-Yo not to dwell on it too much since they’re going to change the future anyway.

Quake gets an alert that Deke has been picked up by the police. Quake is worried that Deke will lead the cops to SHIELD. She asks Noah for help, but he refuses. Daisy is forced to take care of it herself.

The SHIELD team arrives in St. Louis. The enter the building where the beacon is coming from and discover a literal, physical firewall. They go inside and find Agent Piper, who says she’s come to shut down the beacon but doesn’t know how.

Deke drunkenly rambles from his cell in the River’s End jail. Daisy enters the jail and pretends to be Sinara Smith, Deke’s social worker who lost track of him. The same officer who talked to Mack notices Daisy with similar cuts and becomes suspicious.

Piper has been looking for SHIELD everywhere she could think to search. When she saw the beacon she recognized it -- when Hive used it was her first mission -- so she went to shut it down. Apparently its been in this lab, and then randomly turned on. The people at the lab haven’t been able to turn it off. It turns on again.

Daisy is about to leave with Deke, but the officer stops her and says she needs to fill out paperwork. Deke tells Daisy that he has no idea how he got to their time, but he wouldn’t sell out SHIELD.

Fitz and Simmons manage to shut the beacon down by removing a man-made timer from within it. Piper puts them at gunpoint and explains that she put it there as bait for SHIELD. She cut a deal with the Blue Raven folks. Troops come in and put them at gunpoint. Piper got picked up and, believing the rest of SHIELD to be dead, told General Hale everything. Piper was told they’d be safe, but the one in charge of the soldier group gives the order to kill the SHIELD team. Yo-Yo uses her power to disarm them. Mack discovers they’re robots, and the team fights them off. Piper realizes she got played and agrees to cover them. The troop leader pulls out a circular throwing blade and throws it. Yo-Yo uses her power to try to stop it, and her arms are severed from the elbow down.

Daisy and Deke return to the Lighthouse base. May makes contact and asks for a place to land. It turns out Rick Stoner put in an underwater landing pad that opens up in the ocean for the Zephyr One to put down on.

Simmons performs surgery on Yo-Yo’s arms. The troop leader returns to base. The beacon is put in storage at the Lighthouse near the monoliths.

The troop leader returns home -- and reveals herself to be Ruby. Hale is angry that Ruby didn’t bring SHIELD in, but Ruby is only after Daisy Johnson, and she wasn’t there. Hale closes the door on Ruby’s room deep in Blue Raven base.


Noah notices that the beacon is not cooling down, but heating up. He tells Fitz and Simmons to run and then dives on the beacon just before it explodes.

In Philadelphia, General Hale makes contact with Crusher Creel, the Absorbing Man. He recognizes her and says he’s not interested in being her hired gun. She says she’s not interested in a hired gun. She’s putting together a team. Creel gets in the vehicle.