'Jessica Jones' Star Krysten Ritter Teases Becoming a Monster

With the latest season of Jessica Jones premiering later this week, Marvel Television and Netflix are starting to let fans peer behind the curtain for the new slate of episodes.

Series star Krysten Ritter recently spoke with Collider about the new season, teasing that her character might have to do things she won't be proud of when all is said and done.

"Oh, boy! Oh, my god! It does get pretty dark! I won’t give anything away," said Ritter.

She previously spoke about how rough it was to shoot the first season, going to that dark headspace, but that she's gotten more used to it this time around.

"I’ve gotten a lot better at that, in Season 2. The more you use that muscle, the better you get at it. I feel like I am able to find a balance and am able to bounce back," Ritter said. "I also make sure to do nice things for myself and go out with the crew. I realized that I like to laugh a lot and have fun, so I make sure to find those moments and have balance."

She spoke more about the experience of filming the first season of Jessica Jones and how she learned how to bounce back.

"In Season 1, I got really depressed and wasn’t able to shake it off like that. Now, I feel like I was able to be a little bit more disciplined, in that way," Ritter said. "But yeah, Jessica is in a really dark headspace and you have to take good care of yourself, mind and body to stay in that level of darkness for six months."

After the events of the first season as well as Jessica's team up in The Defenders, the private eye's life is a lot less private as she comes to be recognized as a vigilante superhero. Season 2 will deal with that new normal, and fans can get a taste of what to expect with the recently released episode titles.

"Her frustration with that is another component and layer to her anger," Ritter said. She doesn’t want anybody to know who she is, let alone now know her face, know her name, and know her as a superhero vigilante. That’s the opposite of what she wants. So, she’s navigating that newfound popularity and there is no textbook on how to deal with that. That’s something we’re exploring."

But despite the darkness, Ritter said that Jessica will not be idle when her friends are in trouble, no matter how much she wants to shut herself off from the world.


"I think that she will deal with how isolated she is and what to do next. She is very reluctantly looking into herself, nudged by Trish. Jessica doesn’t really want to do anything," Ritter said. "She doesn’t want to participate in life. She wants to drink and barely get by. But at the end of the day, when other people are in danger, she does show up. That is what we love about Jessica, and that’s what she’s doing here. She’s reluctantly showing up because she has to."

Fans will get to see how Ritter's character navigates this new status quo when the second season of Jessica Jones premieres on Netflix this Thursday, March 8th.