'Iron Fist' Season 2 Art Revealed

This year should be a boon for fans of Marvel Television 's corner on Netflix as many series are set to return. We don't have to wait long for the debut of Jessica Jones, and it seems like the premiere of Daredevil will follow shortly after.

But now we have our first look at Marvel artwork promoting the second season of Iron Fist. Take a look at the new piece by Joe Quesada below.

Joe Quesada is a prolific artist who rose to prominence with the launch of the Marvel Knights imprint, which featured popular runs on Daredevil and The Punisher which inspired their Netflix series. Quesada then became the Editor-in-Chief of Marvel Comics. He now serves as the company's Chief Creative Officer, and directed the series of webisodes for Marvel's Agents of SHIELD: Slingshot.

Despite the poor reception for Iron Fist, it doesn't look like Marvel Television is about to forget the protector of K'un-Lun so soon. The series is thought to be in production, though the studio has yet to confirm. Finn Jones reprises his role as the titular character also known as Danny Rand, with Jessica Henwick also returning as Colleen Wing.

Simone Missick is also said to reprise her role as Misty Knight from Luke Cage and The Defenders, possibly leading to a potential storyline showing the formation of the Marvel Comics team Daughters of the Dragon.

The series will likely take place after the second season of Luke Cage, in which Jones will once again play Rand. Marvel previously teased the formation of Heroes for Hire in a photo from the set of that series, though it remains to be scene if actor Mike Colter will also appear on the new season of Iron Fist.

Marvel Television and Netflix seem to be moving forward at a breakneck pace in the wake of The Defenders and The Punisher. Jessica Jones Season 2 is just days away from premiering on the service, with a new season of Luke Cage likely to follow shortly.

Daredevil Season 3 will be next on the docket, and then Iron Fist Season 2. And Netflix also announced the second season of The Punisher, which is set to start filming soon.


It remains to be seen if there is a new season of The Defenders in the works. Iron Fist Season 2 is rumored to be filming right now.

There's no word yet on a premiere date for Iron Fist.