'Jessica Jones' Season 2 Reveals SPOILER is Still Alive

Jessica Jones season 2 is now on Netflix, and already there are some big twists that are being thrown into this next chapter of the Marvel Cinematic Universe's superpowered Noir detective story. However, the biggest twist so far is one connected to the Jessica Jones' very tragic origin.

(Warning: Spoilers for Jessica Jones episodes 1 - 7 follow!)

Episode 6 of Jessica Jones is titled "Facetime", and it sees Jessica on the trail of the mysterious superpowered woman (played by Janet McTeer) who has been killing those looking into the dark history of IGH, the research company that gave Jessica her powers. After using some pretty brutal strong-arm tactics to coerce a former IGH researcher into giving up the killer's location. It's there that Jessica makes a discovery that will rock her world forever:

The mystery woman with strength as powerful as Jessica is in fact, her mother.

As episode 7, "AKA I Want Your Cray Cray" reveals, Alisa Jones survived the tragic car crash that killed Jessica's father and brother, only she was injured much, much, worse than Jessica, requiring five whole years of IGH treatments to repair the significant burns to her body. By the time she recovered enough, she endowed with super powers, but also had mental instability as a side effect of her powers. She was and kept under the thumb of "Carl" (aka Carl Mollus), the doctor who helped pioneer the treatments.

The question going forward down the back stretch of Jessica Jones season 2 will be how does this knowledge change Jessica? Throughout the first half of season 2, a lot of focus was put on Jessica's internal struggles, specifically how she feared that she, too, was a "monster" like the mystery killer. The dilemma now is pretty clear: Jessica has at once gained back an important part of her lost past, but must also face the reality that a literal part of her may be "the monster" she feared. That's going to get especially complicated when Jess finds out her mother is also responsible for killing her first love, Sterling.


In our review of Jessica Jones season 2's first half, we pointed out that one of the big problems was that this sophomore season didn't have a compelling central villain, like Kilgrave in season 1. Suddenly that drawback has the potential to swing the other way; Jessica facing off against her mom is plenty interesting, indeed. Hopefully, Jess can help her mom fight back the demons and fully reclaim her mind. We'll soon see.

Here's what actress Janet McTeer revealed about playing Alisa Jones:


"It was a very physical character. To play somebody with her kind of issues was something I’d never done before… The way she looks at life is a little skewed... These characters are damaged by abuse but are nevertheless struggling their way through life, to try and overcome it and be happy. They’re strong and weak at the same time."

Jessica Jones season 2 is now streaming on Netflix. Daredevil season 3 and Luke Cage season 2 are currently in production, with Iron Fist and The Punisher both already renewed for second seasons.