'Black Panther's Winston Duke Delivers Message To 7 Year Old Whose M'Baku Challenge Went Viral

It didn't take long for the M'Baku challenge to take the world by storm, but one 7-year-old might've taken the crown.

That would be 7-year-old Jordan Rae Bascombe-Ralph, who with the help of his mother Brittni Rae Bascombe launched a video of Jordan reciting M'Baku's memorable opening lines. The video quickly went viral, and when the two appeared on Good Morning America they got a surprise message from M'Bakuhimself, Winston Duke.

"Jordan, I, M'Baku, leader of the Jabari wish to make you an honorary member of my tribe," Duke said. "Thank you for killing the M'Baku challenge, you are amazing. I love you. You're amazing. Thank you for participating. Thank you for making such an amazing video. I couldn't have done it better myself. You did forest. You did everyone's voice, so cool. Thank you, thank your family. You guys are awesome. Bless."

Duke even went into his M'Baku accent for the message, and you could tell Jordan was beyond excited to be an honorary member of the tribe. Not only did Duke send him a message, but GMA sent him a slew of Black Panther toys as well. Granted, he was already rocking a full Black Panther costume during the interview, but you can never have enough cool Black Panther merchandise right?

As for M'Baku, Duke previously gave a quick description of the character for those who haven't seen the film.

“Well, M’Baku is the charismatic young leader of the Jabari tribe,” Duke tells ComicBook.com at Comic-Con International: San Diego, “and the Jabari tribe is one of Wakanda’s main tribes. They’ve removed themselves from the mainstream Wakandan society and they don’t really believe in the importance of vibranium to the movement of the country forwards That puts them at odds with how the country is ruled and everyone else, for the most part.”


M'Baku was easily one of the film's highlights, and fans all over the world took on the M'Baku challenge, giving his speech their own unique spins You can check out more of those here.

Black Panther hits Digital HD, Blu-ray, and DVD later this year, and is in theaters now.