'Jessica Jones' Causing Spike in Internet Searches for 'Octopus DNA'

Jessica Jones played a bit of a long game when it came to getting to the heart of the show's second season as Krysten Ritter's Jessica tried to track down the doctor behind the mysterious IGH as well as exactly how she had been given her superpowers so that she could expose the shadowy organization and one part of that slow burn has resulted in a surge in curious google searches.

Eventually audiences come to realize that the story is less about IGH and more about who the mysterious super powered killer killing anyone speaking gout about IGH is, but before the shocking reveal that Jessica's mother, Alisa (Janet McTeer) not only survived the car accident that killed the rest of the Jones family but that she's been turned into a monster by the same IGH doctor that experimented on Jessica, the show introduces the idea that octopus DNA is significant. Specifically, Jessica is lead to David Kawecki (Daniel Everidge) a mentally challenged man imprisoned for murdering a nurse when, in fact, it was Alisa who was responsible for the death. While Jessica spoke with David in her attempt to get answers, David starts talking about how the genes of an octopus can spontaneously mutate, starting fresh with a whole new set of attributes that simply didn't exist before much like Jessica developing her abilities.

This one scene serves to steer Jessica to find Dr. Karl visiting an aquarium where he visits the octopus tanks, but it also caused a huge spike in Google searches for "octopus DNA". The "Jessica Jones effect" spike was so large that the show's official Twitter account even shared an infographic showing the marked jump.

"Haven't seen this much Octopus DNA since finding The Whizzer's stash of tentacle porn," the account wrote -- in true Jessica style -- of the data.

While the octopus DNA ultimately doesn't pan out to anything more than the method by which Jessica tracks down Dr. Karl and, eventually, discovers her mother is alive it's definitely interesting to see how just small part of the Marvel Television/Netflix series had such an impact on viewers.

Jessica Jones Season 2 is now streaming on Netflix.



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