'Jessica Jones' Releases Trish's "I Want Your Cray Cray" Music Video

Netflix has officially released the full music video for Trish’s hits single “I Want Your Cray Cray.”

Bits of the video and the song were revealed during the second season of Marvel’s Jessica Jones on Netflix during a flashback to Jessica and Trish’s young adult years when they had a falling out. Trish was trying to make a comeback as a pop star but fell back into her old habits, including substance abuse.

You can watch the full music video, complete with pop-up video style factoids, above.

Jessica Jones Season Two didn’t just look towards Trish’s past. It also set her up for a superheroic future. After hunting down Dr. Mallus, the same mad scientist who gave Jessica her powers, and undergoing parts of the same procedure it now seems that Trish may have the enhanced abilities she needs to complete her transformation into her comic book persona, Hellcat. However, that transformation and other actions Trish took may have cost her Jessica’s friendship.

If you still haven’t seen Jessica Jones Season Two, here’s a portion of what ComicBook.com’s Kofi Outlaw had to say in his review:

“Jessica Jones also has what is arguably the strongest bench of supporting characters for any Marvel Netflix show, and in season 2, characters like Malcolm (Eka Darville), Trish Walker (Rachael Taylor), and Jerri Hogarth (Carrie-Anne Moss) all get more dimension, depth, and backstory. Unlike the rapid-fire surprise twists of season 1, this new chapter of Jessica Jones prefers to openly hang an air of danger over its principal characters, right from the onset. There's a feeling in season 2 that at any moment, a mental or emotional backslide could drag any one of the characters (or all of them) into dark internal places that are as perilous as any external threat. To call this second season an ensemble "character piece" would be an understatement, as "character" is the big thematic focus of season 2. Unlike so many other Marvel Netflix series, these supporting character storylines thankfully avoid being empty filler: each of them weaves threads that tie back directly into Jessica's story, and each have the potential to pay off in big twists during the back-half of the season.”

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Jessica Jones Season Two is now streaming on Netflix. Luke Cage Season Two premieres on June 22nd. Daredevil Season Three is expected to debut later in 2019. Iron Fist Season Two and The Punisher Season Two are both also in the works, likely for release in 2020.