'Legion' Nominated For a Peabody Award

After earning accolades from critics and fans alike, Legion has snagged itself a nomination for a Peabody Award.

Legion is nominated in the Entertainment category. Other nominees include Alias Grace, American Vandal, Bala Loca, Better Call Saul, Halt and Catch Fire, Hasan Minaj: Homecoming King, Insecure, Jazz Night in America, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, One Day at a Time, Saturday Night Live: Political Satire 2017, Star Trek: Discovery, The Good Place, The Handmaid’s Tale, and The Marvelous Ms. Maisel.

The Peabody Awards honor the best storytelling from across a variety of media.

While the world of television is crowded with superhero series like Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, Arrow, and Supergirl, Legion's strength comes from its sheer absurdity.

Focusing on David Haller (Dan Stevens), Legion explores a character who is exhibiting traits of schizophrenia, only to discover that he is actually the host of an otherworldly creature that's hell-bent on harnessing David's reality-bending abilities. Not only is the show's narrative high-concept, but showrunner Noah Hawley never shies away from offering audiences unconventional storytelling featuring musical numbers, nonlinear editing, and surrealism.

With the series airing on FX, many have wondered if the show takes place in the same universe as the X-Men films. The first season revealed that David's biological father was Professor Xavier, resulting in theories if the character could appear in Legion.

"It’s always plaguing him or ringing bells in the background of whatever is going on," Stevens shared with Collider of his character's issues regarding his father. "It’s less at the forefront of his mind, at the beginning of this season, but it definitely comes into play, as we move on, as it does naturally for people who discover that they are adopted. It’s an intriguing prospect, I’ll say that."

The series has yet to feature any familiar faces from the films, Legion did earn a cameo from Xavier's wheelchair.

"[That was] the actual wheelchair from the X-Men movies, by the way, which was awesome," Stevens confirmed. "It came up to Vancouver in a special crate and there was almost a ceremony, as it was un-boxed. It was really cool."

The Peabody Awards will announce the Entertainment winner on April 19th while a ceremony will be held honoring all the winners on May 19th.

Season 2 of Legion is currently airing on FX on Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET.


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