'Venom' Movie Art Provides New Look at Symbiote

After months of building anticipation, fans finally got their first look at Spider-Man's deadly foe in the new spinoff film.

The trailer for Venom released during CinemaCon showed Tom Hardy's take on Eddie Brock as he becomes overcome by the Symbiote. In promotion of Free Comic Book Day, fans can obtain a new print of the anti-hero. Check it out below:

This version of Venom is more in line with the character's appearance in the comics, with the eyes being much more stylized than how they appear in the trailer. But this version of the character is still attempting to be a more faithful approach to Venom, rather than what we've already seen from his last appearance in Spider-Man 3. The teeth and tongue are all ridiculous and scary, rather than the dinosaur-looking version Topher Grace portrayed.

There's still a lot of uncertainty surround the character's cinematic appearance and whether or not it will have any ties to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

As has been widely reported, Sony Pictures still has the rights to the Spider-Man library of characters and made a deal with Marvel Studios to make the character's solo movies and incorporate him into the MCU. But Sony has shifted their own studios' focus to making movies based on the supporting characters, such as Venom and Black Cat.

When asked if Venom would be a part of the MCU, Avengers: Infinity War co-director Joe Russo told fans at a Q&A event that they would be set apart.

"No, that’s a Sony property," Russo said.

Some fans have questioned the validity of a Venom origin story that doesn't include Peter Parker in any way, especially considering the character first came in contact with the Symbiote before Eddie Brock and since established the appearance of the creature.

But while the MCU might not be a factor in Venom, there are still rumors of an appearance from actor Tom Holland as Peter Parker in the film, possibly giving Sony's Spider-Man projects a meta tie to the wider superhero universe.


We'll find out more when Venom premieres in theaters October 5th.

Do you think Venom needs to be a part of the MCU? Do you like this version of the character for the big screen? Be sure to sound off with your opinion in the comment section!