Deadpool vs Cable Funko Pop Diorama Now Available


Ooooh - Funko has released several new items in their Deadpool lineup, with the Marvel Deadpool vs Cable diorama leading the charge. The figure is from Funko's Comic Moments line not their Movie Moments line, so they are referencing the comics, not Deadpool 2 here - but still. If they do end up making a version for Deadpool 2 (and they surely will), it probably won’t be wildly different. You can pre-order one for your collection right here for $26.99.

In addition to the Deadpool vs Cable Comic Moments figure, Funko also released several new Deadpool keychain styles and two Deadpool Pop t-shirts - Maximum Effort and Bubble Bath. You can shop the entire Deadpool Funko lineup right here sorted by new additions - and you definitely want to do that because there is a massive Funko deal happening right now.


Indeed, Deadpool 2 doesn’t hit theaters until May 18th, but you can already score a massive deal on Funko Pop figures inspired by the film. Currently, Entertainment Earth is running a buy one, get one 50% off sale on over 3000 of the best Funko Pop figures out there, and the entire standard Deadpool 2 lineup of Pops, Mystery Minis, plush, keychains, pins, string lights, Vynl, mugs, and t-shirts are eligible (the new Comic Moments figure should be eligible as well).


You can shop the entire Funko Deadpool 2 lineup right here sorted by bestsellers. The Deadpool Bob Ross and recumbent Deadpool Pop figures will likely be the top items on most wish lists, so grab those as quickly as you can. If you want to maximize the savings, keep in mind that shipping is free on orders of $79 or more. With all of the Funko items that are up for grabs, hitting that number shouldn’t be an issue.

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