Become 'Venom' With New Viral Site

Have you ever wondered what half of your face would look like when taken over by the Venom movie's symbiote? No? Well either way, a new website is here to help you visualize it.

A new "We Are Venom" viral website recently popped up online, which you can check out here. The main feature of the website allows users to create an edited photo of themselves, which allows half of their face to be taken over by Venom, a la the film's official poster.

While the website is fairly simple, it does create a pretty cool photo, which fans of the iconic Marvel villain will surely share on their social media.

Despite a bit of apprehension about solo film, plenty of people have come around to Venom, following the unveiling of the Venom costume in the first official trailer. Granted, the film isn't without controversy, sparking plenty of memes, NSFW jokes, and discourse over the pronunciation of "symbiote". But as the film's release date looms closer, it's safe to assume that fans will appreciate the unique sort of pocket that it will serve in the superhero movie space.

"The only thing that's warming my heart - I mean Tom Hardy is obviously a good choice - the thing that's warming my heart is they're saying it's going to be R." Todd McFarlane, who co-created Venom, told last year. "So now the question is (and I haven't read the script), like what does that mean? Because again, we've seen a couple "R movies" right? I mean we've seen Logan and we've seen Deadpool."

"So it would be interesting to me to see what they do." McFarlane added. "I mean I know what I would do if they gave me that character; I would scare the sh*t out of people with it. I don't know if they want to go that far with it, cause again, you can sell a lot of shirts and toys if you don't completely scare people, so it will be interesting."


Will you be trying out this new Venom viral site? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Venom will land in theaters on October 5th.