'Agents of SHIELD': SPOILERS Finally Kiss

Last night’s episode of Agents of SHIELD finally brought two fan-favorite characters together to share a kiss.

SPOILERS for Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, “The Force of Gravity,” follow.

Phil Coulson and Melinda May’s relationship has, up until now, been a professional one. A flashback in an earlier season revealed that they almost gave dating a try, but that was just before May met Andrew Garner, the man she would marry.

Coulson went on to date a cellist and later Rosalind Price. Eventually, both May and Coulson’s relationships ended in tragedy when Garner and Price both ended up dead in relation to May and Coulson’s careers as agents of SHIELD.

In the fourth season of Agents of SHIELD, those early feelings between Coulson and May began to bubble back up to the surface. It seemed like the two of them were growing closer, but things took a step back when it was revealed that May had been replaced by a life model decoy. Though the LMD situation was eventually sorted out, Coulson decided that they should put their relationship on pause.

The true reason that Coulson decided to pump the brakes on things with May is the effects of the deal he made with Ghost Rider to defeat AIDA, the rogue LMD who was trying to kill them all. Bonding with Ghost Rider undid whatever super-science the TAHITI program used to bring Coulson back to life after Loki killed him in Marvel’s The Avengers.

May waited, but eventually, her patience ran out. A few episodes ago, May pulled Coulson aside and told him that loved him. Things have been a little too dire for them lately to really sort out what that means for their relationship.

Coulson decided to leave words aside and take action in “The Force of Gravity.” Coulson, May, Daisy, and Deke came under attack by marauders. While Daisy fought off one of the marauders, and Deke did his best not to get killed, another marauder took a gun and opened fire on Coulson and May. Coulson activated the hard-light shield in his robotic arm to block the bullets and at the same time, he grabbed hold of May and kissed her.


It was another big moment for Coulson and May but again, there may be no follow through. Before the team was able to touch down back at the Lighthouse base, Coulson passed out as the effects of that deal with Ghost Rider took hold. Now Coulson is on death’s door, and its up to SHIELD to decide between saving him or saving the world.

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD airs Fridays at 9 pm ET on ABC.