Captain America's Shield in 'Avengers: Infinity War' Originally Had a Different Design

It is hard to imagine Captain America without a shield. Since the character was created, Steve Rogers has been a proud shield lover, and his iconic circular shield has become a symbol of all things comic. Still, that special disc was nowhere to be seen in Avengers: Infinity War, but the hero wasn’t left empty handed.

No, thanks to King T’Challa, Steve got his hands on one high-tech shield. And, as the prop’s creator told fans not long ago, the shield was a hard one to finish.

Recently, AL had the chance to speak with Kenneth Spivey as the prop master was tasked with creating many Avengers: Infinity War tools. From the Infinity Gauntlet to weapons, the Alabama native got his hands dirty making plenty of MCU toys, but he admits that Captain America’s new shield gave him a bit of grief.

Apparently, the prop had a last-minute design change that left him scrambling at a final hour.

According to AL, the original shield designed for Captain America was much longer and extended well beyond the hero’s elbow. The piece was outfitted with more defined claw-like extensions aligning it with Wakanda’s ties to its Panther god, and Spivey was given three months to make the prop. As you can see here, the big shield was put together hush-hush by the craftsman after plenty of back-and-forth from Marvel Studios. And, once Spivey got started on the massive shield, he received word that its design had been changed... again.

As Spivey says, the delay gave him about a day to finish the Wakandan shield. The spur-of-the-moment demand forced the craftsman to make the tool “pretty much from scratch” as he molded sheet metal himself. The shield was made mostly of aluminum to keep it light, and its hollow core helped actor Chris Evans wield the weapon easily on set. However, after the shield was used to film, Spivey says Marvel Studios went a “completely different route” and used CGI to bring most of its shield to life.


Right now, Spivey says he is still working with Marvel Studios, but he's keeping quiet about the projects for now. With his slate busy, the prop creator is looking forward to his next gigs, but he admits there is one franchise he's dying to work on. If Lucasfilm ever needs help making some blasters, Spivey would jump at the chance to creator props for Star Wars, so Disney may want to give this guy a ring for its next standalone feature.

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