'Agents of SHIELD' Season 5 Finale Recap With Spoilers: "The End"

Piper and Deke stand outside while the rest of the SHIELD team argue about what to do about Coulson and Talbot. They realize they may have to sacrifice someone to being absorbed by Talbot in order to get the Odium cocktail into him. Daisy makes the call that they’re going to save Coulson. She reaches out to grab the Centipede serum, but Yo-Yo uses her speed to take it first. Mack and Daisy try to talk Yo-Yo down. Mack convinces her to agree to go by a vote just as May throws the Odium vial on the ground, destroying it and removing that option. May takes the Centipede and turns it over to Fitz and Simmons to prepare the cure for Coulson.

Talbot is trying to convince Robin to show him where the underground deposit of Gravitonium is. She refuses to help him. Talbot’s people take Robin’s mother. Robin knows that if she doesn’t help Talbot then this will be the last time she sees her mother.

Yo-Yo tells Mack that he’s going to die. Mack says everyone dies, and then they have to answer for how they lived.

Talbot brings his ship down on top of Chicago.

Coulson opens his eyes and sees Yo-Yo. She tries to explain to him that she was never arguing for him to die, just not to bet everything on him alone. Coulson says he would have taken her side.

Deke is helping everyone get comfortable in the Lighthouse, but he doesn’t plan on staying. He’s already reverting to old habits and has decided he wants to see the world before it reverts back to the one he knows. Deke tells Daisy that if she really wants to lead one day, she needs to fix what’s broken between the members of the SHIELD team.

Jemma prepares to inject Coulson with the Centipede cocktail. Coulson warns Simmons, reminds her of what happened to Garrett. May comes in and asks for a moment alone with Coulson. She’s putting the final decision in Coulson’s hands, whether fight for more time. He says he’s having a hard enough time leaving her behind already. If that’s the case, she says not to.

Talbot makes his way through the streets of Chicago. He finds the spot he’s looking for and starts using his power to pull up the Earth. He finds a deposit of Gravitonium and absorbs it.

The SHIELD team heads to Chicago. They have a tracker on Robin and know that she’s still in Talbot’s ship. Daisy talks to her team. She admits that she let her emotions get the better of her. She agrees that she can’t lead and turns over leadership to Mack, the moral center of the team. She’s content to be a soldier. Everyone raises their hands in support. Coulson arrives and says he couldn’t have said it better himself. He hands Daisy her gear and looks to Mack for guidance. He gives them the order to save lives.

The Chicago PD arrive and surround Talbot. SHIELD taps into the phones of everyone in the area and informs them that they have an aircraft available to bring in order to evacuate civilians. Mack gives first responders the order to bring civilians there while SHIELD clears the tall building, and he says that, above all, do not engage the enemy.

The SHIELD team gets to Talbot’s ship. Robin comes out and May takes her. Mack goes in to search for Robin’s mother.

Daisy and Coulson arrive near Talbot. Coulson tells her he’s not going with her. She realizes that he didn’t actually take the Centipede serum and that he can barely stand. Coulson puts his faith in Daisy. He tells her to appeal to his good nature or beat his ass senseless. Daisy leaves the Quinjet and orders Coulson to go back and take the serum.

Mack searches for Robin’s mother, Polly. Fitz notices that Robin marked half of the Talbot’s globe for Talbot to find the Gravitonium. Fitz and May both realize that neither Polly nor Mack made it into the future. Mack finds Polly, but two Marauders find them.

Daisy dive tackles Talbot. She tries to remind him of the innocents he’s killing, but he’s convinced that they are just collateral damage in a war he needs to fight.

The Marauders attack just as Fitz and May arrive and take them down.

The Quinjet returns to dock and the pilot finds Coulson unconscious in the back.

Daisy talks to Talbot more, reminding of his son and that he’s been a hero from the moment he enlisted. Daisy says they need to join forces. Talbot says he’s heard these speeches before, from Hale and Coulson before they stabbed him in the back. Talbot grabs Daisy and elevates them both into the sky.

May, Fitz, Mack, and Polly make it out of the ship and start heading out of the building. Coulson is taken to Simmons, who is informed that Coulson did not take the serum. Talbot takes Daisy and slams her through the street. The impact causes a piece of the building to fall on top of Fitz. Simmons goes to find the Centipede serum and finds its gone. Robin realizes something is different.

Talbot tries to absorb Daisy. Daisy finds the serum in her gauntlet and injects herself with it. She powers up, breaks free of Talbot, and quakes him into orbit. Yo-Yo performs compressions on Coulson until he is revived. Mack finds Fitz still alive beneath the rubble. However, as they move more of the rubble, they find that he’s bleeding out. Mack and May stay with Fitz as he dies.

Simmons is taking care of Coulson when Mack arrives with the bad news. Later, she packs a bag. She takes Fitz’s pocket tool. Daisy burns whatever drawings of the previous future remain. May smashes what’s left of the monolith. A memorial plaque is carved.


The team drinks and eventually it is revealed that this is not a funeral, but Coulson’s retirement party. The plaque is for Coulson. Simmons is going to search for the Fitz that froze himself to catch up with them in the future. Simmons hugs Coulson. She gives Coulson Fitz’ Lake Ontario postcard from the future. They toast.

Coulson tells Daisy that he only has days, maybe weeks, left to live. He says he left her something in her bunk to let her know how proud he is of her. They hug and say they love each other. Coulson leaves the hangar and steps onto a beach in Tahiti. May is with him as the others take off in the Zephyr.