'Deadpool 2': "Welcome to the Party" Music Video Released

In the (not so) proud tradition of movie soundtrack rap anthems like "Shell Shock" (TMNT), and "Purple Lamborgini" (Suicide Squad) comes Deadpool 2's official anthem "Welcome to the Party", which you can watch above!

The horn-heavy anthem track comes by way of an ensemble (or "X-Force," if you will...) of faces that most comic book geeks probably won't recognize. All-star DJ Diplo is rocking a "Peter" look with the glasses and moustache while most of the camera shots are occupied by Bad Boy star French Montana, and we get some (literally) colorful appearances by two newer artists: young rapper Lil Pump and breakout star of Fox's The Four singing competition show, Zhavia.

As far as the actual track goes? Well music is subjective, so how you feel about "Welcome to the Party" will depend pretty exclusively on your tastes. As for the video? It's nothing to really write home about; it's actually pretty banal and standard, even by movie anthem standards. It's not just the fact that the visuals are kind of a lazy checklist of rap video stereotypes (gyrating women, explosions and flames, raining money, blinging jewlrey) but also the fact that only real Deadpool 2 tie-in is the montage of footage from the film, which actually spoils some of the most exciting action set pieces.

You would think from the way Fox and Ryan Reynolds have promoted both Deadpool movies that there would be more involvement from Deadpool himself in this video, even if it was a small introductory or epilogue scene, with Deadpool making fun of this video, or rap anthems in superhero movies, in general. Given what we have here, it seems pretty clear that this is just the 20th Century Fox packaging a standard action blockbuster promotional campaign, which is very out of step with the Deadpool brand.


Not that it's at all a "brand-killer" or anything: Deadpool 2 just finished a $150 million opening weekend, finally knocking Avengers: Infinity War off of the box office throne. And yet, having both films at no. 1 and 2 (respectively) this week, just means that Marvel and actor Josh Brolin (aka Cable and Thanos) are just scoring double wins. Before Fox's X-Men franchise wraps up, Deadpool, Cable and new breakout character Domino (Zazie Beetz) are going to need to officially come together in that X-Force movie!