Marvel Sends Lockjaw to the DC Comics Universe

Today, Marvel Comics released the final issue of the Lockjaw miniseries from Daniel Kibblesmith and Carlos Villa and it featured surprising cameos from two DC Comics characters, Superman and Wonder Woman.

SPOILERS for Lockjaw #4 follow.

The Lockjaw series has been revealing the true origin of Black Bolt’s faithful companions. It turns out, Lockjaw was born into a litter of five dogs, but Lockjaw hid his four siblings away in alternate dimensions in order to keep them safe from danger.

The series has followed Lockjaw as he’s reunited with three of his lost siblings so far. The final one happens to be in the custody of Annihilus, lord of the Negative Zone. With the help of his scientist sister, Doc Jaw, the hero D-Man, the Sleepwalker and his dog the Dogwalker, Lockjaw is able to remember the way back to the Negative Zone where he and D-Man are able to mount a rescue.

Lockjaw and Annihilus begin to battle and the fight spills over into several different realms. First, they end up in Odin’s throne room in Asgard, and the all-father is not at all amused. Then, they end up in “The World Between Worlds,” where they're spotting by the Fantastic Four’s kids, Franklin and Valeria Richards. They then pass through the Ultimate Universe and Duckworld before ending up in a universe whose name [REDACTED]:

Lockjaw DC Universe
(Photo: Carlos Villa, Marvel Entertainment)

You’ll notice two flying figures wearing red boots. One is a man with a red cape. The other is other is a woman wearing red and blue with gold trim and a lasso by her side. They remind the interlopers that this is “private property” before Lockjaw and Annihilus make their way to prehistoric times in the 616.

The figures are clearly meant to be Superman and Wonder Woman of the DC Comics universe with their faces and insignias hiding off panel so as to avoid getting into any legal trouble. It’s a fun gag, even if it is almost surprising that it got through Marvel’s editorial and legal teams.


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Lockjaw #4 is now on sale.