Marvel Teases the Return of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants

It seems like Magneto may be getting his old band back together. Today’s X-Men Blue #28 includes a preview page teasing the return of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.

SPOILERS for X-Men Blue #28 follow.

X-Men Blue #28 ends with a page teasing “Things to Come.” There are four images on the page.

One shows the X-Men staring at a figure slightly off-panel with three claws sticking out of hands and tendrils twisting off of it. This seems to suggest something is happening to Jimmy Hudson, the son of the Wolverine from the Ultimate Marvel universe.

The second teaser shows Emma Frost in a chair with several Hellfire Club guard masks strewn about the floor. This seems to suggest that Emma may be returning to the role of White Queen in the Hellfire Club.

The third image shows the X-Men Blue team from the future in their new uniforms. Whether or not this ties into Extermination is unknown.

Finally, there is Magneto, eyes crackling with power, speaking the words, “To Me, My Brotherhood.”

Take a look below:

X-Men Blue Things to Come

What this means is unclear. Has Magneto actually been training the X-Men to become his new Brotherhood? Or is he betraying the X-Men to go back to his villainous ways?

X-Men Blue #28 revealed that Magneto has been in contact with someone at an unknown place and at an unknown point in the timeline. He visited this unrevealed other before returning with Exodus, his old Acolyte, and the mutant healer Elixir to rollback the effects of the Mothervine virus. Are Exodus and Elixir connected to the mysterious other that Magneto was in contact with? Are they all part of Magneto’s new Brotherhood?

Magneto founded the original Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, which consisted of himself, his “children” Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch, the manipulative Mastermind, and Toad. After the original group disbanded, others claimed the group’s name, most notably a group led by Mystique that eventually became the government-sponsored mutant team, Freedom Force. Others like Black Tom Cassidy and Toad have rebooted the Brotherhood for their own purposes. Most recently, Mesmero formed a new Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, though most of the members of that group were under Mesmero’s mind control.


What do you think of this tease of the Brotherhood’s return? What does it mean for Magneto’s future? Are the X-Men being tricked by their mentor? Let us know what you think in the comments section!

X-Men Blue #28 is on sale now.