Domino Gets New Costume, Joins New X-Force Team

Marvel's Domino is returning to her roots as a member of X-Force, or more specifically Weapon X-Force, the new squad being led by Wolverine's former archenemy Sabretooth.

Sabretooth is apparently a stickler for branding because the entire team is getting matching costumes, including Domino.

Take a look at the partially revealed cover to Weapon X #22 below.

Weapon X #22 Omega Red

This is the second new costume that Domino has received recently. She's wearing a different suit for her mercenary adventures alongside Diamondback and Outlaw in her solo series.

There was also recently a hint that Domino may be joining a far more reputable superhero outfit, the Avengers.

Marvel’s August 2018 solicitations revealed that Sabretooth would be putting together a new Weapon X team in Weapon X #22. Five figures were shown in silhouette on the issue's cover bursting out of the cover of Weapon X #1.

So far three of those characters have been revealed. The first was Sabretooth, who is stepping up to lead the new team with Old Man Logan apparently departing. Domino, who was a member of the original Weapon X team, is also sticking around, and Omega Red is joining as well.

The other two figures remain a mystery, though current Weapon X team member Lady Deathstrike is the odds-on favorite to be the fourth reveal. With Old Man Logan and Warpath leaving the team, the final member remains a mystery.

What do you think of Domino's new costume? Are you excited about the new Weapon X-Force team? Let us know in the comments!


Weapon X #22 goes on sale in August.

Cover by RAHZZAH
They were hunters who became the hunted... They were enemies forced to become allies... They were a ticking time bomb that had no choice but to fall apart... Out of the ashes of Team Weapon X, a new crew is borne! Sabretooth is putting together a team that is willing to do what other X-Men won’t, willing to wade into blood and filth to protect mutantkind! But who will make the cut? Don’t miss the debut of WEAPON X-FORCE!
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99