‘Spider-Man PS4’ Variants Coming to Marvel Comics

Insomniac Games’ Playstation 4 exclusive Spider-Man video game will swing onto store shelves in September alongside five select variant comic book covers, Marvel announced Friday.

Spider-Man PS4’s iteration of the wall-crawler — distinguishable by the white highlights and accompanying sprawling ghost-white spider on his chest — will be showcased in a set of variant covers for The Amazing Spider-Man, Avengers, Spidergeddon, and West Coast Avengers.

All five covers pay homage to classic Amazing Spider-Man comic covers, with the new Spider-Man PS4-inspired pieces illustrated by Insomniac Games artists Dennis Chan, Daryl Mandryk, Eve Ventrue and Sing Ji, and Marvel Games Art Director Tim Tsang.

The complete list of variants and their respective homages is as follows:


(Photo: Marvel Entertainment)

2. AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #5 MARVEL’S SPIDER-MAN VIDEO GAME VARIANT by DARYL MANDRYK (homage to Amazing Spider-Man #46 by John Romita)

(Photo: Marvel Entertainment)

3. AVENGERS #7 MARVEL’S SPIDER-MAN VIDEO GAME VARIANT by EVE VENTRUE (homage to Dark Reign: Mister Negative Issue #1 by Jae Lee)

(Photo: Marvel Entertainment)

4. SPIDERGEDDON #0 MARVEL’S SPIDER-MAN VIDEO GAME VARIANT by SING JI (homage to Amazing Spider-Man #671 by Humberto Ramos)

(Photo: Marvel Entertainment)

5. WEST COAST AVENGERS #2 MARVEL’S SPIDER-MAN VIDEO GAME VARIANT by TIM TSANG (homage to Amazing Spider-Man #151 by John Romita)

(Photo: Marvel Entertainment)

“Growing up as lifelong fans of the web-slinger, everyone on the Marvel Games, Insomniac Games and PlayStation teams are honored and thrilled that characters from Marvel’s Spider-Man are not only gracing all-new variant covers, but are also starring in an in-continuity Marvel Comics event,” said Marvel Games executive creative director Bill Rosemann.

“While making the game we poured through hundreds of Spidey’s comics, which inspired our take on his many famous friends, foes, costumes and moments. For the creative process to come full circle and see our version of the characters now appear in the web-slinger’s latest comic book saga is a dream come true for these True Believers.”

“It’s been such an honor for all of us at Insomniac Games to bring the friendly neighborhood wall-crawler to the PlayStation 4, but to see our version of Spider-Man now swing to the pages of a Marvel comic and be featured in Spidergeddon is something we could have never imagined,” said Insomniac Games creative director Bryan Intihar.

“We’re all web heads and super excited for the upcoming comics.”

This take on Spider-Man will web up his first foray into the mainstream Marvel Comics Universe on September 26 in Spidergeddon #0, written by Christos Gage — one of the co-writers on Marvel’s Spider-Man — with art by Clayton Crain.


The latest crossover out of the ‘Spider-Verse’ side of the Marvel Universe, the event will highlight multiple Spider-Man (and woman) characters, including Peter Parker, Miles Morales, Spider-Gwen, Ultimate Jessica Drew, Superior Spider-Man, Spider-Man 2099, Spider-Man Noir, Silk, Ben Reilly, and May Parker, a.k.a. Spider-Girl.

Spider-Man debuts exclusively on the Playstation 4 system September 7. Spidergeddon #0 hits shelves September 26.