This Fan-Made Carnage Movie Poster Makes Us Wish The Movie Were Real

It's still unknown if Spider-Man will end up making an appearance in the Venom solo movie, but Marvel fans are also wondering if Carnage will show up, and a new fan edit gives us a glimpse at what that could look like in his own solo film.

Carnage has been rumored for the Venom film for awhile, and SyndicatePrimes decided to give his take on what the character could look like. Carnage is mainly just a red version of Venom, though is often characterized as far more brutal and unhinged than Venom's Eddie Brock. The new poster gives us a look at what Cletus Kasaday could look like on screen, and it's amazing what a little red can do to an image.

"Quick full face carnage & venom edit
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It's kind of creepy right? Admittedly that's the point. Kasaday was so bonkers that it took Spider-Man and Venom to really take him down (at least the first time), and the current film does introduce the concept of multiple symbiotes in the trailer. It is believed it will revolve around the Lethal Protector storyline, which deals with several different symbiotes.

Carnage has not been announced for the movie, though it would definitely make sense to include him in some sort of post-credits scene, setting up the inevitable (unless the movie tanks) sequel. Some believe that Woody Harrelson could be in that role, since his character currently has no name attached, but guess we'll have to wait and see.

Venom will put Tom Hardy in the role of Eddie Brock, a reporter who is investigating the Life Foundation, a business associate of his girlfriend Annie, played by Michelle Williams. The Life Foundation's leader Carlton Drake (played by Riz Ahmed) reveals they discovered an alien life form called symbiotes that have the ability to bond to human hosts. Unfortunately for Eddie, one ends up bonding to him, but he soon learns it is sentient, and when it takes over he becomes the lethal protector Venom.


Venom stars Tom Hardy (Eddie Brock), Michelle Williams (Anne Weying), Woody Harrelson, Riz Ahmed (Dr. Carlton Drake), Jenny Slate, Scott Haze, Michelle Lee (Donna Diego), Wayne Pere (Dr. Emerson), Christian Convery (Joey), and Reid Scott.

Venom hits theaters on October 5.