Venom Applies to Be ESPN's New Mascot in New 'Venom' Tv Spot

ESPN is always looking for new personalities to takeover Sportscenter, but their latest addition might be a bit too much for Sports TV.

In a new promo for Sony's Venom Charles Woodson and Randy Moss hold a meeting amongst several people in full on team gear to find a new mascot. The people around the table are wearing spikes, skulls with swords, skeleton armor, masks, chains, skull gloves, pirate hats, and more (including one amazing skeleton hands holding a football attachment), so they aren't holding back.

You can understand why they're not impressed then when a normal looking Eddie Brock (played by Tom Hardy) walks in for an audition, saying "wow, a guy" and "he looks like he drives a minivan."

When Woodson and Moss tell him "show us what you got", Brock shows them he, in fact, does not drive a minivan (well, he still might actually, but that's not the point), letting the symbiote take over and fully becoming Venom. Woodson, Moss, and the rest of the people around the table are understandably freaked out, running for the door. Unfortunately, Venom sends one of his tendrils to close it, trapping them in. One of the guys asks him "what are you", and...well, it looks like Venom eats him.

So yeah, probably not going to win the job at ESPN, but you can't fault the guy for making an impression.

You can check out the full TV spot in the video above.

Venom was originally expected to be Rated-R but eventually made its way to a PG-13 rating. That won't keep the movie from being suitably violent and dark, just like fans of the character would expect, at least according to director Ruben Fleischer.

"That's the plan," Fleischer told "It is not the plan, that's the movie. Our movie wants to honor the comics as close as we can tonally. In the comics, he bites people's heads off and eats brains. It would be weird to make a movie with Venom if he wasn't doing that. We tried to honor it as closely as possible. This is definitely a darker, more violent, more vicious Marvel character than I think anyone's ever seen before."


Venom stars Tom Hardy (Venom/Eddie Brock), Michelle Williams (Anne Weying), Jenny Slate, Woody Harrelson, Michelle Lee (Donna Diego), Riz Ahmed (Dr. Carlton Drake), Sope Aluko (Dr. Rosie Collins), and Reid Scott.

Venom lands in theaters on Friday, Oct. 5.