'Return of Wolverine' #1 Misprinted With Some 'Star Wars: Doctor Aphra' Pages

Wolverine’s hot claws meet Star Wars lightsabers in one Marvel Comics issue releasing this week.

The “crossover” was unintentional. A printing error on the Steve McNiven variant cover editions of the second printing of Return of Wolverine #1 replaced pages 2-3 and 38-39 of the book with the same pages from Star Wars: Doctor Aprha #25.

The error was noticed too late in the process to correct before the books were shipped to retailers. Marvel will send out replacement copies to retailers next week, with no expectation that the misprinted copies be returned.

Here’s the text from the update that was sent out to retailers:

“Due to a printer error, Return of Wolverine #1 2nd Prg. McNiven Variant (AUG188395) had pages 2-3 and 38-39 accidentally replaced with pages 2-3 and 38-29 of Star Wars: Doctor Aphra #25. The misprint was not detected before the book shipped to retailers for its in-store date of October 24.

Corrected replacement copies will arrive with product on sale October 31.

Retailers do not have to return misprinted copies.”

So this isn’t exactly the X-Men vs. Star Wars crossover fans may have been hoping for, but it is also quite possibly the closest they’ll ever get to it.

This week also sees the release of the second issue of Return of Wolverine, by writer Charles Soule and new artist Declan Shalvey.

“I've wanted to work with Declan Shalvey forever—you can ask him! I've talked to him a million times about telling a story together,” Soule said in a previous interview. “The timing's never worked out, until now, for Return of Wolverine, and I think it's great he's come aboard. He did a new design for one of Logan's outfits in the story that I love, and he'll get to choreograph a massive battle sequence with the X-Men, too. Declan's wonderful, and he'll do a hell of a job.”


"I'm really excited to be part of this story and getting the chance to work with Charles and the absolute legend that is Laura Martin,” Shalvey says. “I've always dreamed of drawing a Wolverine book someday, but never thought I'd get to be part of such an important Wolverine epic, not on a project on this level. I'm very humbled that the team at Marvel would consider having me be a part of all this. The scripts are really interesting and I'm curious to see how Charles' plans will develop. The book has been a blast to draw so far, I've never drawn so many claws in one book before! I hope everyone likes my take on all the characters as I have very big Steve McNiven shoes to fill. No pressure!"

“We’ve been building up to Logan’s return for so long, we’re excited to finally be able to get the story out to you all!" adds editor Jordan D. White. "Declan is an incredible addition to the team, with incredible graphic storytelling skills and nuanced, moody art—we know he is going to go down as a modern day master of the Wolverine. When I spoke to Steve and Charles about the possibility of bringing him in, they were both very excited for what he would bring to the story.”