‘Charmed’ Star Alyssa Milano Dresses As Captain America To Urge People To Vote

Halloween is finally here, and scores of costumed photo shoots are hitting social media. Of course, celebrities are taking the time to share their looks, but Alyssa Milano is suiting up for an entirely different reason.

Over on Instagram, Milano made a statement with her Halloween look this year. The Charmed actress posted a photo of her dressed as Captain America, but Milano isn’t bringing the look to a holiday party.

No, the star is ready to go to battle, and Milano is using her suit to rock the vote.

“On my way to a #TrickorVote party!! Not doing anything for #Halloween,” the star captioned her photo.

“Have a #TrickorVote party! You can door knock, phone bank, and raise funds for your favorite candidates throughout the country.”

As you can see above, Milano is definitely ready to meet with prospective voters in her costume. The actress is seen wearing a Captain America-themed bodice with a matching red tutu. Paired with white shots, Milano’s costume includes a miniature version of Steve Rogers’ shield, and a bright blue face mask gives the patriotic look an intriguing twist.

Naturally, the Captain America look is a good one for Milano to urge voters with. After all, the Marvel hero is meant to embody the best of America’s values, and voting ranks high up on that list. Heroes like Steve Rogers and Kamala Khan are always down to rock the vote, and fans wouldn’t be surprised if Chris Evans decides to don his Captain America suit and join Milano in her efforts.

After all, the actor isn’t shy about politics, and Evans has made several pointed messages about voting on Twitter as of late. Recently, the Captain America actor retweeted a message from Bill Eichner educating netizens on campaigns focusing on the 2018 midterm elections, and Evans has given comments on other vote-centric posts.

“It’s not a partisan issue. Everyone should vote,” Evans shared recently, retweeting a video of former President Barack Obama urging the public to vote.


If you have questions about voting, you can get all the information you need through USA Gov here. Midterm elections will go to vote on November 6 in the U.S., so if you see Milano going door-to-door in a neighborhood near you, don't be surprise. The actress is definitely ready to campaign, and the Charmed star will surely be able to charm even the most reluctant voters into posting a ballot.

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