Marvel's 'The Life of Captain Marvel' And 'Infinity Wars' Delayed

If you've been waiting for series like The Life of Captain Marvel and Infinity Wars to come to a close, you're going to need to wait a bit longer.

The Life of Captain Marvel is doing some reworking of Captain Marvel's origin, expanding the role of her mother and the Kree ahead of her big movie debut in Marvel Studios' Captain Marvel. Unfortunately, the book's conclusion (The Life of Captain Marvel #5) has been delayed by a month from its original release date of November 21st to December 19th (via Bleeding Cool).

Marvel also pushed back the epilogue to its big Infinity Wars event, though in this case, it wasn't as large of a shift. Infinity Wars Infinity #1 was originally set to release on December 26th but has now been pushed back to January 2nd of 2019.

No reason for either delay has been revealed, but we'll let you know if that information surfaces.

Marvel has definitely talked up the importance of The Life of Captain Marvel, including Marvel Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada.

"The one book I could tell you that just came out that I'm really really proud of, and I was just telling people about this months ago, is The Life of Captain Marvel," Quesada said. "I am so proud of the team on that book and our editors on that book. I think it, for fans who don't know who Captain Marvel is...who don't care about Captain Marvel, read this book. For fans of Captain Marvel, they're going to love it because it's a deep dive into her origin where you're going to learn new things and nothing gets discounted."

The Life of Captain Marvel #5 is written by Margaret Stohl and is drawn by Carlos Pacheco and Marguerite Sauvage and you can find the official description below.

"Carol Danvers believed she was alone in this world, the product of a chance encounter combined with a lifetime of heroism. But her destiny runs far deeper than she’d dreamed. Now a bloodthirsty Kree soldier is at her doorstep – but will she face this final challenge alone?"

Infinity Wars Infinity #1 is written by Gerry Duggan and is drawn by Mark Bagley with a cover by Mike Deodato, and you can check out the official description below.


"What comes AFTER infinity?"

The Life of Captain Marvel #5 hits comic stores on December 19th, while Infinity Wars Infinity #1 hits on January 2nd, 2019.