Here Is What Ben Affleck Could Look Like as Iron Man

The upcoming Arrowverse "Elseworlds" crossover will bring a 'Freaky Friday' switch, which sees Barry Allen become the Green Arrow, and Oliver Queen become the Flash. That twist has fans now imagining what other kind of live-action superhero switches would be cool to see, and fan artist BossLogic is taking that concept all the way to a major crossover between the Marvel Cinematic Universe and DC Extended Universe:

As you can see above, this example of and Elseworlds switch makes Ben Affleck the MCU Iron Man, while Robert Downey Jr. takes his place as the DCEU version of Batman.

It's an interesting switch in that Affleck and Downey's careers aren't all that dissimilar. Both were seen as major breakout talents of the '90s, only to hit some hard walls going into the 2000s. On a slightly darker note, both have had very public battles with addiction, and both have seen their careers get a major resurgence thanks to their respective superhero roles.

In terms of performance, it would probably be easier for fans to imagine Affleck in the role of Tony Stark / Iron Man. Affleck has the stature and swagger to pull off the arrogant playboy personality of Tony Stark, as well as the comedic timing to have been a pretty snappy Iron Man. It's also pretty easy to imagine him standing alongside the likes of Chris Evans' Captain America and Chris Hemsworth's Thor. On the other hand, Downey would be easy to imagine as a Bruce Wayne type, but imagining him in the Batman cowl is definitely a lot harder. Downey's winking charm as a superhero would probably make his Batman feel more like a George Clooney, Batman & Robin type than fans would be comfortable with.


As it stands, though, Downey is the one in a much better career position as Iron Man. The actor could very well be into his final arc as Iron Man with the upcoming Avengers 4, and even if he stepped back or away after that, he'd still have a multitude of career options on the table, and be making money off his MCU ties. Affleck, meanwhile, is trying to straighten out in recovery, and is rumored to be considered a high insurance risk for any studio. After two controversial and divisive outings as Batman in Batman v Superman and Justice League, it's looking like Affleck won't make it to the next Batman solo film from Matt Reeves - leaving him as a somewhat tragic middle child of the DC movie universe saga.

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