Marvel Comics Editorial Team Celebrates With a Trip to Wendy's

If you've been paying attention to social media the past several days, then you are probably aware of the curious turn in long-running divide between Marvel and DC Comics: fast food chain Wendy's revealed that they prefer Marvel. Now, Marvel is celebrating the choice with -- what else? -- a trip to Wendy's.

On Saturday, senior editor in charge of X-Men comics at Marvel Jordan D. White shared a photo to Twitter featuring a sizeable group of Marvel folks enjoying lunch at Wendy's on Friday after the chain's declared the imprint its favorite. According to White's caption, the photo is representative of only part of the group who went for lunch. There were so many they had to take up a second table as well.

It's a pretty impressive gathering, but if you're looking at this wondering exactly how the internet got this odd it's kind of a funny story. Last week Gail Simone, a writer of comics and animation who has worked on Batgirl, Wonder Woman, Deadpool, Secret Six, and Birds of Prey just to name a few, posed the question of preference to various brands and restaurants on Twitter. Wendy's Team Marvel response set off all kinds of reactions, both online and off. On Friday, DC Comics co-publishers Dan DiDio and Jim Lee responded to the choice with their own form of revenge, heading to both Burger King and McDonald's for lunch.


Online, some fans took to grilling (yes, pun intended) Wendy's over their selection. That turned into a pretty impressive string of replies by the brand account revealing that whoever runs social media for Wendy's is true comics fan. More than that, though, despite choosing Marvel over DC, the chain's twitter asserted that all comics were a good thing no matter who publishes them, just so long as no one tells Archie Comics Wendy's isn’t' quite caught up on Riverdale.

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