Marvel Fan Creates Awesome Custom Venom Air-Force One Sneakers

One fan is showing their love for Marvel's most memorable symbiote in a pretty awesome way.

Reddit user moosepaulette recently shared a photo of their custom-painted Nike Air Force 1 sneakers, which are reimagined to look like Venom. You can check them out below.

Custom Venom AF1s I made from r/Marvel

The shoes have gotten quite a lot of positive attention since this photo was initially shared, with fans applauding the fact that the Nike swoosh was repurposed as Venom's white eyes.

Venom himself has had an interesting resurgence in recent months, with Sony's Venom movie introducing a whole new audience to the alien character. And as it turns out, the team behind the film had an interesting challenge when it came to adapting the character's comic look for the big screen.

"You know, we looked at all the comics series," VFX supervisor Paul Franklin told "We looked at, a lot obviously, Lethal Protector, which was a big inspiration for the film in general, and that gave us something to work from. We also spent a lot of time looking at Venom: Dark Origin, a more recent interpretation of Venom. And, that is to say, what we responded to though, was the ever-changing, dynamic nature of the character."


"But ultimately, you have to let the thing be a little bit of its own thing for the screen, because what works on a comic book page, style wise, ostensibly two dimensional universe, doesn't necessarily work when you transform it into an image that's on the screen. I need to think about the way that other comic book characters, their costumes and things, have been observed over the years. Characters like Superman, you can compare him to the original single version of the character back in the '30s to how he looks in the movies now. You've gotta allow it to breathe in the cinematic universe. And so, that was the jumping off point for us. And then it was a process of experimentation trial and error to get something which worked well in the film world."

Venom is now available on DVD, Blu-ray, and Digital. A second Venom movie is currently in the works.