SPOILER Sacrifices Himself in 'War of the Realms'

Marvel's War of the Realms kicked off in a huge way this week, and several characters seemingly met their fate in rather brutal ways before the issue came to a close. The first issue features the Asgardian conflict coming to Earth in a huge way, with what's left of the Asgardians just trying to stave off Malekith and his forces as they seek to conquer Earth. Thing is, it isn't actually Malekith to dish out the most gruesome killing blow in this issue, and we're betting no one saw this death coming. Not so much for the character, it involves, but how it was done.

Spoilers incoming for War of the Realms #1, so if you haven't read the issue you've been warned. We good? Good. So Malekith stacked the odds in his favor by luring Thor to Jotunheim and abandoning him there to fight waves and waves of Frost Giants. Since he can't access the Rainbow Bridge (it's been shattered), he's stuck there unless someone can get him out, and Malekith used his absence to his advantage.

The remaining Asgardians and other Marvel heroes gather to fight Malekith's forces, and they hold their own for a bit but are getting hit with a lot. They get some help though from an unlikely ally in Loki, who then confronts one of Malekith's allies, his father and King of the Frost Giants Laufey.

(Photo: Marvel)

Loki slashes his hand to free his mother Freyja from Laufey's grasp. Freyja isn't sold on Loki being on her side yet but when she asks why she should believe him he says "because...because of this, mother." Laufey then grabs Loki and tells him he's the worst thing to come from his loins. The two verbally spar for a bit, with Loki telling Laufey that fathering him was the only noteworthy thing he's ever done.

Laufey then calls him a greatshame, and says his kind don't allow for shame or weaknesses. They instead scour it out and consume it. With that he then toses Loki in his mouth and bites down, crunching Loki as blood spurts out of his mouth.

Loki's died before and come back, and in this case, it seems he even knew this fate was coming, but man, that's a brutal way to go. Not only did someone eat him, the person who did it was his father. That's just...wow.

You can check out the spoiler image above. War of the Realms #1 is in stores now.



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