Avengers: Endgame Star Scarlett Johansson Mocks Chris Evans in Hilarious Photo

Ahead of the release of Avengers: Endgame, the film's cast and crew kept a tight lid on all of their experiences as to not reveal too much information about the culmination of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Now that the film is in theaters, those involved with the production have shared all sorts of behind-the-scenes moments on social media, with Chris Evans' posts gaining lots of positive attention on various platforms. The actor recently took to Twitter to share a hilarious behind-the-scenes moment that wasn't from one of the films, but depicts him sleeping on a military plane with co-star Scarlett Johannson laughing over his shoulder.

The photo comes from a USO tour the pair embarked on back in 2016, which is also the source of the actor's Twitter avatar.

"It's been so fantastic to meet you and really see what you have to go through," Evans shared during the tour, per E! Online. "I play a soldier, but I've never actually spent real time with people who are stationed far from their homes to understand the sacrifices made. So for me, not only is it fulfilling as an actor, but as a man it really is a wonderful thing."

While the actor is famous for playing a Super Soldier on the big screen, that tour took place before he began preparing to film Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame, which led to some teasing on the part of the actual soldiers he was visiting.

"I am nowhere near my filming size. If one more soldier tells me how small I look, I'm just going to kill myself," Evans joked with the crowd. "I haven't started working out; This is the walking around weight."

The actor shared of the experience on Twitter, "This USO tour has changed me. ENDLESS thanks to all the soldiers I met in Afghanistan, Qatar and Turkey. Your sacrifice is heroism defined."

More recently, Evans has been sharing all sorts of behind-the-scenes videos and photos from his time on the Avengers films, offering up a much lighter side of the experience than the dramatic events that unfolded on screen.


Avengers: Endgame is in theaters now. Keep your eyes on Evans' social media accounts for more behind-the-scenes glimpses of Marvel Studios productions.

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