Marvel Kills Another X-Men Character

Cyclops, Wolverine, and the remaining X-Men are still trying to pick themselves up after their friends died at the hands of X-Man and now they've lost another mutant to the fight, and a fan favorite at that. The team of Cyclops, Havok, Magick, Moonstar, Multiple Man, Juggernaut, and Chamber end up taking on the Marauders after they suspect them of an attack on the Morlocks, and as you might imagine the sparks soon fly. Thing is, not everyone makes it out of this skirmish alive.

Spoilers incoming for Uncanny X-Men #18, so if you haven't read the issue yet you've been warned. Are we good? Good. So the X-Men end up finding the Marauders in the subway station after an attack on the Morlocks in the sewers. When confronted the Marauders say they didn't do it, though they would be proud if they did. Chamber doesn't believe them though and unleashes on them, kickstarting the battle.

They all throw down for a while, with the Marauders continuing to stick to their story, even saying they don't remember how they all got here at the same time. The battle continues on for a bit longer but ultimately Blockbuster surrenders for the group. Chamber isn't satisfied though and unleashes on them, saying they don't get to decide when it's over.

(Photo: Marvel Comics)

As they burn alive Cyclops grabs Chamber and tells him they aren't killers. The two go back and forth for a few seconds but it's interrupted by Harpoon's blade going right through Chamber's chest. Hope then shoots Harpoon in the head, returning the favor. The energy from the blade does something to Chamber's powers, neutralizing them, and so the team gets him out of there to get medical attention.

(Photo: Marvel Comics)

Unfortunately, they go home to their new residence ablaze, and after they get their other people out they realize Chamber's energy has completely gone out, and their friend is gone.

You can check out the spoiler images above.

Uncanny X-Men #18 is written by Matthew Rosenberg and drawn by Carlos Villa with a cover by Whilce Portacio. You can check out the full description below.

"First-the X-Men lose one of their own. Then-the new Black King of the Hellfire Club makes a move."

Uncanny X-Men #18 is in comic stores now.



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