Hulk Actor Mark Ruffalo Mobbed by Avengers: Endgame Fans While Eating Pizza

Some Avengers: Endgame fans in Litchfield, Connecticut, got a huge treat this week when Mark Ruffalo, the beloved actor behind the Hulk and recently christened "daddy," stopped by a local pizza place. He posed wit the patrons, increasing his status as one of the most beloved cast members in the Marvel Cinematic Universe — and he didn't have to spill any spoilers to make people happy!

Ruffalo was spotted at Boehmian Pizza earlier in the week, and the staff thanked the actor for taking time to pose for a picture with them. Check the photo below:

Ruffalo is one of the few original members of the Avengers sticking around after Endgame, but it almost didn't play out that way. Ruffalo revealed during an interview with Yahoo! that the Hulk disappeared after the snap in Avengers: Infinity War.

"For one take, I did disappear, and then the other one I didn’t," Ruffalo said. "I was pretty sure it was gonna be me. It’s like Survivor. It’s like, who’s gonna get kicked off the island? And I probably should’ve. … It’s like Project Runway for leakers.”

Fans can likely expect to see Ruffalo in future projects for Marvel Studios, as producer Kevin Feige explained that there are still some ideas they want to get to.

“Many years ago, Mark came in for a meeting with us at Marvel Studios to discuss ways in which the Hulk could grow and evolve in upcoming films,” Feige explained during a Reddit Ask Me Anything thread. "He pitched a lot of cool ideas, some of which led to what you saw in Thor: Ragnarok, Infinity War and Endgame, and some of which would still be cool to see someday."

Feige praised Ruffalo's approach to the character, providing a sense of nuance and depth to the rage monster that fans previously expected to see.

“Ruffalo is a master at not going deep and dark, but taking that inner pain and kind of trying to become zen about it. We saw that in Avengers 1, where Tony Stark is screwing around and poking him with something and saying, oh, careful, and he goes, ‘I can handle pointy things.’ He’s much more zen about it. His secret is he’s always angry,’” Feige said.


“I think it’s just a much more charismatic and engaging way to see it. I’ve always wanted Hulk to talk more than he has and find the right circumstances, and finally we see that here.”

Avengers: Endgame is now playing in theaters.