Marvel Shares Avengers Themed Dad Jokes in Honor of Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day! Today marks the annual holiday in celebration of dads, step-dads, grandfathers, and father figures. Many people are taking to social media to honor dads everywhere, including Marvel. The official account for Marvel Entertainment posted some adorable dad jokes, and they’re all hilariously Marvel themed. The post features some love for Ant-Man, Luke Cage, Odin, and Vision.

Here are the jokes for you to share with the goofy dads in your life:

1. What do you call a really big ant? A gi-ANT!
2. What is a super hero's favorite part of a joke? The PUNCH line!
3. I’d talk about my relationship with my sons, but it’s a THOR subject.
4. What does an android get when he’s hungry? A BYTE to eat!


Many fans commented on the post, clearly enjoying the silliness.

“These jokes are terrible and I love them,” @AzdaphL wrote.

“Odin keeping it Lo-ki with the dad jokes…,” @Katy_mo added.

Some fans took a darker approach:

Yikes! (But also, hilarious.)

You can currently catch some of Marvel’s best dads in Avengers: Endgame, which stars Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man), Chris Evans (Captain America), Josh Brolin (Thanos), Scarlett Johansson (Black Widow), Chris Hemsworth (Thor), Jeremy Renner (Hawkeye), Brie Larson (Captain Marvel), Danai Gurira (Okoye), Paul Rudd (Ant-Man), Karen Gillan (Nebula), Mark Ruffalo (Hulk), Don Cheadle (War Machine), Tessa Thompson (Valkyrie), and Bradley Cooper (Rocket Raccoon).


Happy Father’s Day to al the Marvel-loving dads out there! Who is your favorite Marvel dad? Tell us in the comments!

Avengers: Endgame is still playing in theaters everywhere. Other Marvel Cinematic Universe films include Captain Marvel, which is now available on DVD and Blu-ray, and Spider-Man Far From Home, which lands in theaters on July 2nd.