Here's What Jason Momoa Could Look Like as X-Men Villain Sabretooth

Ever since Hugh Jackman stepped down as Wolverine in 2017's Logan, fans have been steadily casting his replacement in the role, one that will be folded into the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the not-so-distant future. While that's a fun exercise, many are forgetting that Wolverine's biggest rival will also need another iteration when the X-Men are finally introduced in the MCU. Though two actors have already played Sabretooth -- Tyler Mane and Liev Schreiber -- there will be another on the way at some point, and artist Bosslogic is throwing Jason Momoa's name into the ring.

Yes, Jason Momoa is already playing Aquaman for DC, so it's not likely he would take on the role of a major X-Men villain in the MCU, but it's a pairing that fits incredibly well. Momoa loves the rough-and-tumble roles, and he looks great with the beard and long hair that he usually sports anyway.

To try and convince others of this awesome casting idea, Bosslogic put together a little image of Momoa as Sabretooth. It works just as well as you would hope.

"Many tagged me in [Jason Momoa] as Wolverine but I think he would make for a dope Sabretooth," Bosslogic wrote in a post on Instagram.

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Many tagged me in @prideofgypsies as wolverine but I think he would make for a dope Sabretooth! #xmen

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It makes sense that most people would want to see Momoa as Wolverine, given his incredible charisma and uncanny ability to play the charming bad boy on screen. He's a phenomenal fit for the character, and he'd provide such a different performance than that of Hugh Jackman that it would be easy to keep the comparisons at bay. However, Bosslogic might be onto something. Momoa as Sabretooth is a great idea that hasn't really been brought up a ton.


Unfortunately, this entire discussion doesn't matter all that much, because Momoa is clearly loving his work over at DC. Unless Sabretooth arrives in a decade or two, he's locked in to Aquaman for the foreseeable future.

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