Mother Terrified to Find Children Alone After Avengers: Endgame Screening

A trip to go see Avengers: Endgame turned out to be a little chaotic for one family in Des Moines. Julie Huff of Norwalk told the Des Moines Register all about the incident, which took place at the AMC Classic Southridge 12 theater. Huff, her boyfriend, and her youngest child went to go see Secret Life of Pets 2 using a gift card she got for Mother's Day, while the older boys went to go see Endgame. Endgame is a three-hour film while Secret Life of Pets 2 is only 90 minutes, so after checking on them a few times she went to visit some nearby stores until the film had finished, but when she got back the theater was locked and all the lights were out.

Her kids were the only ones in that particular showing of Endgame, but when she left there were other families in the theater, so she thought it was fine. That showing was also on the schedule, so the theater knew it had to finish before closing up. When she got back though the theater was locked and no one was around.

“Nobody was in there,” Huff said. “I couldn’t get inside, and it was completely dark. I was terrified. I didn’t know what to do at first. I thought maybe the theater had called the police to come and pick up my kids.”

She was about to call the police but thankfully her kids came running out of the dark. As for how this happened, AMC doesn't really have any answers yet. Huff filed a complaint with AMC guest services, and the representative for AMC Theaters said there wasn't anything they could do.

“I do apologize for the inconvenience and the traumatic experience,” the message from AMC Theatre Support said. “Upon further view of your account, I could not access any further recollection of the purchase. Therefore, there is nothing I can do on my end.”


When AMC Theaters was contacted by the Des Moines Register, they didn't offer a comment, though they did say they are addressing the incident.

Endgame is still plugging away at the all-time record held by Avatar, which sits atop the record books at $2,788 billion. Endgame has now amassed $2,774 billion, but as we get further into the summer, it seems like Endgame might not quite make it, but we'll have to wait and see.