House of X #2 Price Soars on eBay

House of X #2 is proving to be an in-demand comic book. Marvel Comics sent the issue back to press for a third printing, and secondary market prices for the issue are already rising.

As Bleeding Cool was first to note, first printing copies of House of X #2 are selling for prices ranging from $18 to $25. That’s three to four times the cover price. The same week the issue released, Marvel sent it back to press, but second printing copies won’t arrive in stores until August 21st. Third printing copies will arrive in stores on September 18th.

House of X is a watershed issue for Marvel’s X-Men franchise. The issue retconned Moira MacTaggert’s origin story. Once one of the X-Men’s closest human allies, Moira is now Moira X, a mutant. Her mutant power allows her to be reborn after death and relive her life, though each life is different. She’s been born 10 times, resulting in 10 distinct versions of the X-Men’s Marvel history.

Moira’s cycle of rebirth is a similar device as that used in bestselling novel The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August by Claire North. Some felt House of X writer Jonathan Hickman may have plagiarized the idea. He responded with these comments:

“Well, this is unfortunate. The times this has happened to me, Pax Romana probably being the most prominent, it’s impossible not to feel like someone is trying to steal your kid, so I sympathize with Ms. North’s reaction.

Let me just say that I absolutely have read Harry August and think it’s wonderful, but I completely disagree with any idea that the narratives are similar.

In regards to resurrection/reincarnation stories, I’d argue that, in terms of story, style and stakes, this is much more in line with something like Live Die Repeat than Harry August. The thing that it absolutely does have in common — and where the comparison is both accurate and fair — is that it repeats a lifetime instead of just a short period of time, but even that’s something that Replay did thirty years ago.

These are all just plot devices to tell a particular story. And while I hate to say this now as we’re only three issues into a twelve issue story, what we’re doing in the X-books isn’t a story about reincarnation. That’s just a plot device we stuck in there to make the first act retcon go down easier. When this is done, it’ll be very obvious to anyone who reads both that the two aren’t the same.

I would, however, tell everyone to go read Harry August if you haven’t. It’s about a rivalry between two men that goes on for several lifetimes against a backdrop of a secret society of people who reincarnate. Everyone should read it.”


What do you think of the high demand for House of X #2? Let us know in the comments.

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