Avengers Star Mark Ruffalo Reveals Most Insane Hulk Mocap Suit Ever

Mark Ruffalo has had to do some pretty strange things to bring The Hulk to life in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and he's been none too shy about sharing those weird and awkward behind-the-scenes moments with fans. Ruffalo's Hulk motion-capture suits are almost as iconic as the actual Avengers costumes - but the suit he donned for Avengers: Endgame may go down as the most unforgettable one yet!

Check out just how far Mark Ruffalo had to go, in order to get into the mindset (and body) of "Smart Hulk" in Avengers: Endgame:

Mark Ruffalo dropped that post on social media with the humorous caption, "Don’t skip leg day 😅 #AvengersEndgame". The motion-capture suit for Smart Hulk came with a bulky, Hulk-sized chest and abdomen - and while wearing it, Ruffalo definitely does look like a body builder with shrunken legs. It's another great milestone in the ongoing saga of Ruffalo.

In all seriousness though, it's not hard to understand why the Smart Hulk version of the character required Ruffalo to go this extra step with his motion-capture performance. Smart Hulk was the full integration of Bruce Banner and Hulk into one merged persona, and for Ruffalo that change in the character would essentially be like having Banner's personality in Hulk's body. From an acting standpoint, Ruffalo would need to actually "feel like Hulk" while playing Banner, and Voila! You end up with this ridiculous Marvel behind-the-scenes moment. To be fair, Ruffalo didn't have to wear this particular rig the whole time while filming - here are photos of the other motion-capture setups Ruffalo used in Avengers: Endgame.

In another sense, these photos represent just how dedicated Mark Ruffalo has been to his Banner/Hulk role in the MCU. Before Avengers in 2012, Mark Ruffalo was known as an "actor's actor," gravitating more towards indie dramatic fare rather than blockbuster roles - and in many ways that's still the case. But Ruffalo truly is that rare pure-hearted thespian that can approach any role as a bonafide cinematic challenge. Even when he looks as silly as this, he still throws himself into the Hulk role in a way that has rightfully made the Jade Giant one of the most exciting and often moving characters in the entire Avengers lineup.


Thank you again, Mr. Ruffalo, for your service.

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