Marvel Delivers a Gut Punch to Ms. Marvel

After returning home from another world and another time at the end of Magnificent Ms. Marvel #5 last month, Kamala Khan was met with the terrible news that her father was sick. The situation was left a cliffhanger, so no one knew the severity of the sickness or how it would impact Kamala's family. In issue #6, which hit shelves this week, Kamala got some more answers from a few trusted sources, but they weren't the answers she was hoping for.

WARNING: Spoilers ahead for Magnificent Ms. Marvel #6! Continue reading at your own risk..

The new issue begins with Kamala's father telling her that he's sick, and that there isn't a cure for what he has. He then elaborats for his daughter, explaining that the disease is fatal, but that it won't take him quickly.

"A month ago I started having terrible pains. Our doctor sent me to the New Jersey Institute for Rare Diseases Downtown," he says. "It turns out I have a brand-new disease they haven't named yet. Only 30 people in the world have it. I have won a sweepstakes! It won't take my life next week or net month. But eventually I will die from it. No one can cure it."

Of course, in Kamala's mind, that may not be true. She knows some of the smartest people who have ever lived, and surely her connections should be able to get her father the help he needs. She sends a message to someone early on in the issue and they're later revealed to be Tony Stark.

Sadly, even with all of his money, resources, and powerful friends, Iron Man admits that there's nothing he can do for Kamala's dad.

ms marvel tony stark
(Photo: Marvel Entertainment)

"It's not good, kiddo," Tony tells Kamala. "The disease is still in a very early stage, but in advanced stages, it's terminal... I've got a lab in Zurich researching a cure, but it's heinously slow work. They're crack it someday -- but that doesn't help you. I am so sorry."


While her powers and abilities know no limits, it doesn't look like there's anything Kamala can do to save her father from this lethal disease.

Magnificent Ms. Marvel #6, written by Saladin Ahmed and illustrated by Minkyu Jung, is now available online and at your local comic book shop.