Deadpool Creator Spots Deadpool on Monday Night Football

Football season is back and it looks like Deadpool is an Oakland Raiders fan. Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld watched last night’s Monday Night Football game between the Oakland Raiders and the Denver Broncos. During the game, he paused to get a good look at a fan dressed in a Deadpool costume. The costume is made with the Oakland Raiders' black and silver colors. The result is a costume that looks close to an accurate Uncanny X-Force-era Deadpool cosplay. Liefeld took a photo and shared it to Instagram, writing “And.... how’s your Monday night going? !!!!!!! Hahahahahaha!! This never gets old”

The future of Deadpool on the big screen remains obscured following Disney's purchase of 20th Century Fox. There were rumors that the Merc with a Mouth could make his Marvel Cinematic Universe debut in a Spider-Man movie. That idea is a total non-starter after the Marvel and Sony split, but Liefeld decried the notion before that was an issue.

“So, explain this to me again…” Liefeld tweeted, “tell me how Disney will give rival studio, Sony Pictures, the platform to introduce and capitalize on Deadpool meeting Spider-Man? Did Disney buy Sony and I didn’t hear about it yet?”

Liefeld also has hinted that Deadpool will soon be making his way into animation. "I know a Deadpool cartoon is coming. sooner than later," Liefeld tweeted. "I live in Southern California, so I know things given the proximity to Hollywood. I have no idea if it’s any good or which version of Deadpool it portrays."

Liefeld is returning to Deadpool in comics one last time in the upcoming graphic novel Deadpool: Badder Blood. “LAST DANCE!” Liefeld wrote in a post on Instagram. “These are shots from Deadpool: Badder Blood, a project I’ll complete right after Major X wraps. This one is both a hoot and a holler and will be my definitive and last word with Deadpool. He begged me to be a part of Major X so I let him play in that sandbox as long as he was nice to others, you definitely won’t want to miss that one.”


Major X is Liefeld's latest Marvel creation. He was revealed to be Alexander Nathaniel Summers, the son of Cable and Storm who traveled back in time from the future. He hails from a world known as the X-Istence, a kind of paradise for mutants. The creator of X-Istence, the X-Ential, went missing, causing the X-Istence to begin to decay. He traveled back in time, met with his father, and found the young X-Ential, who transferred his mutant powers to a girl named Aura. Major X and Cable fight and defeat the villain called the Administrator, then defend Storm from attack by Atlanteans from the future, led by Prince Namor of the future, seeking to prevent Alexander from ever being born.

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