Marvel's Wolverine Joins the Build-a-Bear Line

He’s the best there is at what he does, and what he does is kind of adorable. Build-a-Bear is adding the X-Men’s Wolverine to its lineup of Marvel bear products. The bear comes with claws out, though the claws are significantly softer than Wolvie’s traditional adamantium. He has a built-in costume that replicates Wolverine’s classic blue and yellow look from his earliest Marvel Comics appearances with the X-Men. Wolverine’s left foot has a signature paw print with Wolverine's face over the X-Men “X” insignia. This Wolverine is an online exclusive priced at $35 in the United States and £27 in the United Kingdom.

The official description of Wolverine from Build-a-Bear reads, “The gruff and brooding Wolverine is ready to claw his way into your collection! This no-nonsense furry friend is ready to fight any opponent who crosses his path with his built-in costume and lethal soft claws. Plus, his epic Wolverine paw pad makes this bear a must-have for collectors. Start a legendary new friendship with Wolverine and add this unstoppable mutant to your collection today!”

Build-a-Bear also released promo photos of the Wolverine. Take a look below:

Build-a-Bear Wolverine
(Photo: Build-a-Bear)

The Wolverine reveal follows Build-a-Bear adding Deadpool, Marvel's Merc with a Mouth, to the line. The Deadpool bear's official description said "This action-packed character is outrageously fun as an online exclusive collector's item. He even comes with a plush sword accessory set that can attach to his back or wrists. Build-A-Bear as Deadpool is a wacky, zany and mouthy hero that’s a must-have for your collection!"

Build-a-Bear previously launched a Marvel's Avengers line of bears. During the company's first-quarter earnings call, CEO Sharon Price John said that the excitement over Avengers: Endgame, plus a clever line in the film spoken by Tony Stark towards Rocket Raccoon, helped grow demand for the company's line of Marvel characters, such as Thor, Hulk, and Captain America. She said that sales "were further enhanced by Marvel's generous and welcome nod to Build-A-Bear in the movie's first 10 minutes when Tony Stark commented to Rocket Raccoon directly, 'I thought you were Build-A-Bear.'"


If the Avengers were that as Build-a-Bear collectibles, it makes sense that the company may want to expand its Marvel offerings in the direction of mutants. With Wolverine leading the charge, who knows what other X-Men could be made next?

What do you think of the Wolverine Build-a-Bear? Let us know in the comments! The bear is available to order now.