Marvel's Powers of X Reveals Mystery Behind Moira's Mutant Abilities

Finally, after 12 weeks of questions, theories, and absolute bewilderment, Jonathan Hickman's Dawn of X came to a close on Wednesday. The last issue, Powers of X #6, answers quite a few mysteries from without the saga, but also sets up several more leading into the vast array of new X-Men comics still to come. There's honestly even more unknown about the future of the X-Men at this point than is known. However, one of the answers we do get in Powers of X #6 is one of the most important in terms of understanding the timelines of Moira, and thus the entire X-Men Universe.

WARNING: This article contains Major Spoilers from Powers of X #6! Continue reading at your own risk...

The crux of the entire Dawn of X storyline is that Moira is actually one of the most powerful mutants in history. It was revealed early on that Moira resurrects each time she dies, starting over from birth with all of the knowledge held over from her past lives. She has lived through nine complete lives, failing in her mission to save mutantkind. The majority of the series takes place in her 10th life, as she convinces Charles Xavier to create Krakoa.

What hadn't been revealed to this point is how exactly Moira's powers work. When she dies, is the entire reality destroyed and reset to her birth? Or do those timelines exist separately as alternate realities? The answer is revealed at the end of the Powers of X finale. In what is revealed to be Moira's sixth life, the villainous Librarian explains that she has been kept alive for a thousand years because, if she dies, everything is lost.

powers of x 6 librarian
(Photo: Marvel Entertainment)

"Almost everyone will die. The possible exception is you. You, I have arranged to send off-planet," the Librarian explains. "From what I've gathered observing you, if you die before our Phalanx makes it to the nearest black hole, then all that I know will not become part of the dominion. And when you annihilate this 'timeline' or 'reality,' then you'll be right back where you started. Knowing what you know without us knowing anything. But if you live past my becoming god, then -- existing beyond space and time -- we will know you forever. And I think it very likely we would not tolerate something like you having any power over something like us."


In other words, Moira is the cornerstone of reality in the Marvel Universe. When she dies, everything starts again. This could be huge as the story continues in X-Men #1 later this month.

What do you think of the Dawn of X relaunch? Was the final issue as satisfying as you'd hoped? Let us know in the comments!

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