Marvel Resurrects an Omega-Level Mutant

Marvel’s X-Men relaunch with writer Jonathan Hickman established a new home for all mutants, the sentient mutant island Krakoa. Krakoa welcomes mutants worldwide to find shelter and sanctuary within its lush landscape. The founders of Krakoa granted even the most notorious mutant villains in the Marvel universe a chance at living in peace on the island. Early on, Hickman also provided a list of all the omega-level mutants in the Marvel Universe. Not all of those mutants were among the living. Then came the revelation that, through the five, any dead mutant can return. Today’s debut issue of Excalibur brings all of this setup to a head as one of the most notorious omega-level mutants is brought back from the dead. SPOILERS for Excalibur #1 by Tini Howard, Marcus To, and Erick Arciniega follow.

Excalibur #1 focuses on Betsy Braddock. For years, Besty was forced to inhabit the body of another mutant, Kwannon. She recently regained her original body and is now re-establishing her identity. She’s been spending time with her twin brother Brian, aka Captain Britain, but its time for her to join her mutant brethren on Krakoa.

Before she walks through the portal to Krakoa, she tells Brian that she wishes their older brother Jamie was alive to see Krakoa. It turns out that she should maybe have been careful what she was wishing for. Not long after arriving on Krakoa, Betsy is called to the hatchery. Jamie is back and he’s already causing problems.

Jamie Braddock
(Photo: Marvel Comics)

Jamie has the omega-level power of “quantum reality manipulation.” In his previous life, he believed that reality was a dream, a symptom attributed to schizophrenia. He seems more lucid now that he’s been reborn.

Lucid, but no less irritating if his interaction with his sister is anything to go by. Betsy wondered if paradise would have kept Jamie on “the straight and narrow.” It seems she’s going to find out.

What do you think of Marvel bringing back Jamie Braddock? Let us know in the comments. Excalibur #1 is on sale now.

Excalibur #1
(W) Tini Howard (A) Marcus To (CA) Mahmud Asrar


The Otherworld is rocked by war! It is a new era for mutantkind as a new Captain Britain holds the amulet, fighting for the Kingdom of Avalon with her Excalibur at her side - Rogue, Gambit, Rictor, Jubilee...and Apocalypse.

Rated T+
In Shops: Oct 30, 2019
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