Mark Ruffalo Is Concerned He Can't Tag Marvel Co-Star Chris Evans in Twitter Photos

Mark Ruffalo was one of the celebrities who got into the four square meme on Twitter today, but now he’s got a problem. The Marvel star can’t seem to figure out how to tag his Avengers: Endgame co-star Chris Evans in the post. For the uninitiated, the meme basically has a four square grid and each picture signifies how people present on four different social media platforms. In Ruffalo’s case, he picked a studious picture for LinkedIn, a rather generic photo for Facebook, A group glamour shot for Instagram, and a towel picture for Tinder. The entire craze seems to have taken control of social media this morning with everything from brands to sports teams taking their crack at the popular format. That wit and personality is a huge reason that Smart Hulk went over so well in Endgame. recently spoke to the visual effects team for the film. Russell Earl and Dan DeLeeuw told the site that Ruffalo’s time in Spotlight helped them form the character.

"So we found this scene: it was an interview that he had done after the movie Spotlight, it was a serious thing, and so he animated it," Earl began. "At that point we were pretty far along with Smart Hulk, so he could make this just Smart Hulk – or Professor Hulk – with just normal Ruffalo delivering this interview and we saw, we're like, "Oh my God, this is great", and we sent it down to these guys."

DeLeeuw also mentioned that Ruffalo’s love for the test footage helped cement the direction.


"You get it where you love it, and the design came in and it turned out, what it's like, and, Smart Hulk looked really handsome," DeLeeuw added. "And then you show the studio and the directors and they like it. But I think you're not really done until you get the confidence of the actor to go along with it because it's something that the same thing we did with Josh shot of Thanos, where he really enjoyed the show."

He continued, "You get to the point where they trust you with what their performance is going to be and they know that you can reproduce their performance, so they can just not have to overact or push through the motion capture or anything like that. You can just let them be them in their role and actually get it on the screen."

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