Marvel Brings Back World War Hulk

The latest storyline of Marvel's The Immortal Hulk sees the world starting to suffer from the influence of Xemnu's hypnotic rays, as Roxxon CEO Dario Agger continues his plan to ruin the Hulk's public image. That plan involves using Xemnu's powers (via Television) to convince the entire world that Hulk is Xemnu, while locking Hulk away in Banner's head, convincing Banner that he is "Robert Banner, The Strangest Man of All Time," and a world-infamous terrorist. The Hulkis left trapped inside Banner's head, desperately trying to bash his way out. That's when Hulk gets an offer of help from an unexpected source: World War Hulk!

Warning! Full Immortal Hulk #32 SPOILERS Follow!

Immortal Hulk #32 sees Xenmu's influence take hold, as demonstrated by a series of television interviews, in which average people seem to remember only the reality that Xenmu is creating. Meanwhile, at Shadow Base Site G, Rick Jones, Dr. Leonard Samson and Dr. Charlene McGowan begin to notice that Xenmu is playing with people's minds - including Banner's. That's when we see only Hulk is truly aware of just how sideways things have gone - and when World War Hulk offers a helping hand!

Marvel Brings Back World War Hulk in Immortal Hulk 32
(Photo: Marvel Comics)

The World War Hulk version of Banner was defeated after trying to get revenge on Earth and the superhero Illuminati for blasting him off-world, and destroying his adopted home of Saakar. In fact, the excess gamma energy World War Hulk gave off was absorbed into satellites and used ot create General Ross's Red Hulk form. Even though the storylines and characters of the "World War Hulk" arc continued (see: "World War Hulks"), that version of the Hulk hasn't been seen again.

World War Hulk was easily one of the most dangerous forms of the character, having Banner's cunning, Hulk's strength, and the mantle of a warrior and leader earned through a campaign of bloody struggle and revolution on Sakaar. Last time WWH went into full rage mode, his very footsteps threatened to split the Earth apart; if Hulk accepts the aid of his dark counterpart, who knows what kind of new form could result - or if the dominance of the World War Hulk persona is something that Banner can ever put back in the proverbial box again, once it's out.


In the end, Dario Agger and Xenmu may succeed in a totally different way than they ever imagined: that's because even though Hulk may eventually thrash them both, the return of World War Hulk would be exactly the thing to ruin Bruce Banner's reputation all over the world.

The Immortal Hulk #32 is now on sale!

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