Captain Marvel: The End Debuts New Costume

10/24/2019 12:00 pm EDT

Marvel is doing a new line of its The End books, which present a possible future scenario that brings some your favorite hero's stories to a close. Past installments have featured Wolverine, The Punisher, and Spider-Man, and the latest series of books will include Captain Marvel. Writer Kelly Thompson and artist Carmen Carnero, who have been the team on the current Captain Marvel series, will be reteaming once more for Captain Marvel: The End #1, and along with a possible end to Carol's story the team is introducing a new costume, which can be seen on the cover below.

The cover features Captain Marvel front and center, and as you can see she's wearing a brand new suit. She appears to be in full binary mode, as her hair is glowing bright white and there's a pink energy aura around her as well. The suit itself foregoes the red, blue, and gold motif of her ionic look, going for a black, white, and gold scheme instead.

It's actually a pretty sleek look, with most of the costume being white and only broken up by the black Hala star and gold wings behind it, followed by a black collar, and we're definitely interested to learn why she took on this very different suit.

(Photo: Marvel)

Captain Marvel: The End #1 has Carol away from Earth for 50 years, and fans will see her finally return home, though we aren't sure what she finds. As for why she left, the description says she left to spread peace and justice in the cosmos, but why has she been gone for so long?

50 years is quite a long time, and we can't imagine not seeing some of her friends on Earth for that long without a good reason. You can check out the official description for the book below.

Variant cover by CARMEN CARNERO
Fifty years ago, Carol Danvers went into the deepest reaches of the cosmos to spread peace and justice and she hasn’t seen a familiar face since!
Whatever happened to the planet she once called home? Reuniting CAPTAIN MARVEL superteam KELLY THOMPSON and CARMEN CARNERO!
40 PGS./ONE SHOT/Rated T+ …$4.99

Captain Marvel: The End #1 hits comic stores in January of 2020.

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