'Deadpool: Badder Blood' Will Be Creator Rob Liefeld's Final Deadpool Project

02/05/2019 04:55 pm EST

Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld is crafting his definitive, final take on the character.

Liefeld took to Instagram to offer a sneak peek at Deadpool: Badder Blood, the graphic novel follow-up to 2017’s Deadpool: Bad Blood. Liefeld says this will be his final word on the “Merc with a Mouth.”

“LAST DANCE!” Liefeld writes in the post on Instagram. “These are shots from Deadpool: Badder Blood, a project I’ll complete right after Major X wraps. This one is both a hoot and a holler and will be my definitive and last word with Deadpool. He begged me to be a part of Major X so I let him play in that sandbox as long as he was nice to others, you definitely won’t want to miss that one.”

Major X is the miniseries Liefeld is crafting for Marvel this year that will introduce a major new X-Men character.

"Major X comes from a realm, another plane, called 'The X-istence.' It is populated only by mutants," Liefeld explained when the series was announced. "It's their special place. They're happy. They're living in harmony. The events that cause this portal to open, and for this 'The X-istence' to exist at all are subjects we deal with, and we answer. The absolute formation of The X-istence. Major X hails from there, and his home, the reason he's here encountering the current modern-day Marvel mutant landscape, is because The X-istence has been destroyed, and he is on a journey to restore his home."

Major X’s true identity remains a mystery for now. It's an ode to the mystery that once surrounded Liefeld’s favorite mutant.

"And I still get asked all the time, 'Who's your favorite character?' It's Wolverine," Liefeld said. "It's always been Wolverine. He made me love comics and made me love the X-Men. And the thing about Wolverine also is the mystery. The mystery that they layered him with over multiple years. So with Cable, Deadpool, Domino, X-Force, I felt like I've subscribed to that notion of mystery and reviewing different layers."

Liefeld told ComicBook.com in 2017 that he was trying to recreate that same sensation when he first conceived of Deadpool.

“All I was trying to do was create the next Wolverine,” Liefeld said. “Wolverine was my favorite character in the history of comics. When I encountered Wolverine, you have to understand I was eight, I bought the Hulk issue — #181 I think it is — off the stands, off the spinner rack. Who is this awesome new character? I loved the name, the look. When he popped up in X-Men, I flipped out. When [John] Byrne took over and they put greater emphasis on him. When he got his solo miniseries with [Frank] Miller.”

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