'Avengers: Infinity War' Cut Scene Evidence Mounts With New Hasbro Figure

05/01/2018 03:41 pm EDT

Earlier today, the Avengers Infinity War - 6” Hulk Busting out of Hulkbuster Funko Pop figure was unveiled as a GameStop exclusive. The figure clearly hints that a scene featuring Bruce Banner Hulking out while piloting the Hulkbuster was in the film at one point, only to be cut sometime late in the process. Now Hasbro has chimed in with more evidence to back up this theory.

Today, Hasbro has officially unveiled their Avengers: Infinity War Hulk Out Hulkbuster Figure which is available to order right here for $59.99 with free 2-day shipping. The official description reads:

"Imagine Hulk bulking up and hulking out with the Hulk Out Hulkbuster, featuring lights, sounds, and phrases! When the Hulk figure is inside the Hulkbuster armor, press the center button to activate Hulkbuster phrases and sound effects. Then, bust out of the Hulkbuster armor by pressing the buttons on the side, and send the armor pieces flying! Once Hulk is busted out, reassemble the pieces of the Hulkbuster armor to build up a 13.5-inch Hulkbuster armor figure! Press the center button on the Hulk figure for more Hulk phrases and sounds, and press the buttons on the figure’s back for smashing fist action!"

Apparently, the figure includes 20-plus "movie-inspired Hulk and Hulkbuster" sounds and phrases. I wonder if that includes any phrases that weren't in the film? Highly unlikely, but it would be very interesting if it happened.

The fact that Bruce would be in the Hulkbuster in Avengers: Infinity War was known for some time, so it was a bit of a disappointment when it didn’t happen. It would have been a fantastic scene. However, it’s clear that Marvel made some decisions regarding the Hulk that were probably a bit surprising for anyone that watched the trailers. Then again, misdirection in trailers is nothing new, but movie toys depicting an event that didn’t happen in the film? That’s definitely not something that happens very often.

Another thing to keep in mind is that both the Funko figure and the Hasbro figure were officially unveiled after the movie premiered. The vast majority of Avengers: Infinity War toys were released in February and March. That could mean that these figures were considered spoilery at one point.

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