Amazing Spider-Man Canceled With Issue #700

0commentsAmazing Spider-Man #700

Last year, when DC Comics relaunched Action Comics, it resulted in a huge outcry among comic book fans because the series ended with issue #904. Many fans had hoped to see the long-running Superman series reach issue #1000. With Action Comics ending, all eyes turned to Amazing Spider-Man as being the most likely superhero comic book to reach issue #1000 first. However, Marvel Comics revealed today that Amazing Spider-Man will actually end with issue #700. Many had suspected that the series might come to an end as part of Marvel Now to make way for a brand new Spider-Man series, but those suspicions weren't confirmed until Marvel released their December solicitations earlier today. In their solicitation for Amazing Spider-Man #700, the blurb "Last Issue" appears at the end of the usual information about writers, artists and variant covers. The main story in Amazing Spider-Man #700 is written by Dan Slott with art by Humberto Ramos. With DC Comics and Marvel's propensity for relaunching, it's starting to look like Spawn might be the first superhero comic book to reach a thousand issues.