Ant-Man Test Footage Will Probably See Release Soon

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Marvel Studios producer Victoria Alonso gave an Omelete interview where she's quoted as confirming the studio intends to release the test footage that Edgar Wright created for his planned Ant-Man adaptation, footage seen at Comic-Con, to the public, probably on the Internet. "What we showed at Comic-Con was a still unfinished video and we are working to finalize it. And I think you should see it, but do not know where yet," Alonso told the site, according to Ace Showbiz. "We always hear what the fans are saying and do everything to meet what they ask. I do not know if we'll publish it online, but I have no reason to imagine that is not a good way. If that's what the fans want...." She went on to confirm that Wright is officially attached to the project and that he'll begin filming as soon as they can make scheduling work. "Edgar is on board for the project," she said. "He'll make another film before [that being The World's End], a project he had undertaken to do. But he wrote a great script. And hopefully he will soon work with us." The film will follow the exploits of Dr. Hank Pym, who develops a formula that allows him to shrink or grow at will. In the comic book source material, Pym was one of the founding Avengers, although he obviously didn't appear in the film adaptation and, as far as anyone knows, has not yet been officially cast. The costume being used in the film, as near as people could tell from the Comic-Con footage, will be a variation on the "Irredeemable Ant-Man" costume used by another person to briefly take on the identity in a comic book by The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman.