Anti-Venom, Daredevil & Ultimate Spider-Woman Added To Marvel Legends Infinite Series Line


Daredevil joins a number of Spider-Man family characters in the newest wave of Hasbro's Marvel Legends Infinite Series, just revealed at toy retailer Robot Kingdom.

It wasn't long ago that Marvel and Hasbro announced a number of figures coming from the line in 2015, including Valkyrie, the grey-furred Beast, Dr. Octopus, Thunderstrike, Vulture, Shanna the She-Devil and the Scott McDaniel-era black-and-red armored Daredevil costume.

The new wave, pictured above, includes Anti-Venom, Spider-Girl, Ultimate Spider-Woman and, yes, another Daredevil (this time in his classic red duds). These new figures each have build-a-figure pieces that add up to a Hobgoblin.


Also pictured: Spider-Man 2099 and Spider-Man "Classic."