Civil War II #6 Review - A Turning Point Approaches

Civil War II continues to march along, and with every new issue and tie-in, it becomes harder to root for Captain Marvel. The latest issue seeks to break down the character even further and at the same time remind you that she isn't in this alone.

Spoilers to follow.

Carol's been quite stubborn throughout this whole thing and has honestly seemed out of touch with reality for most of it. Her earnestness in trying to prevent bad things from happening has gone from endearing to inconceivably delusional in a rather short amount of time. How someone so intelligent could place all their faith in a person who barely has control of his powers and is a relative unknown is beyond most people's suspension of disbelief, and yet issue #6 gives fans just a small outlet of hope for our favorite "boss of space."

Civil War II 6 1
(Photo: Marvel Comics)

First, though, Captain Marvel has to be broken down just a bit more, and that comes courtesy of the Black Panther. After she once again seeks to detain the focus of a Ulysses vision, which this time around is Spider-Man, Tony Stark and his assembled group quickly comes to his aid. In the ensuing argument, Captain America, the person on the losing end of that vision, talks to Spider-Man and ultimately is up for letting him go home. When Carol expresses disbelief at his decision, the Black Panther takes Cap's side, and so eloquently reminds Carol that attacking him is essentially attacking Wakanda. He also lets out this little gem.

"And long, long ago I learned that if you are on Captain America's can rest easy knowing you are on the right side."

The irony of that statement aside (regarding the current storyline of Steve Rogers: Captain America), things get worse when Carol turns to the Inhumans, who immediately make themselves scarce. It seems no matter where the character turns to she is being left with the bag, and if that is the message the book is trying to convey, it succeeded.

Subsequently, there's a moment where Carol seems to finally be alone with her grief, seeing the faces of Rhodey, a man she loved, and Bruce Banner, a man she cared for. Finally, the statuesque facade breaks, and it's then she realizes she isn't alone. It doesn't maker her any less wrong in her actions, but it could be the opening the character needs to get back to what has made her so beloved in the first place.

Civil War II 6 2
(Photo: Marvel Comics)

Miles also had some time to think on things, and his brief respite from the craziness did unearth a new realization. Bendis shows Miles attempting to process Ulysses's vision, but he doesn't view it from the same angle as everyone else. For those around him the vision is like watching a 3D projection that you can slightly feel, but for Miles, it's like being in a nightmare-inducing VR simulator.

Issue #6 is a pivot point for the series, and plants a variety of seeds for the remaining issues. Captain Marvel has dug quite the hole for herself, but Civil War II #6 cracked open the door to redemption just a bit, and could really be the turning point for the series.

Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

Written By: Brian Michael Bendis

Drawn By: David Marquez


Colored By: Justin Ponsor

Lettered By: VC's Clayton Cowles